'Gwinnett's Cutest Couple' Second Place Winners Share Their Love Story

Mark and BillieJo Partridge came in a close second to winners Lindsey Monroe and Nick Acciarito.

Congratulations to Mark and BillieJo Partridge, second place winners of Patch's 'Gwinnett's Cutest Couple' contest. Snellville Patch had the chance to learn a little about the couple's history.

Snellville Patch: Where did you and Mark meet?

BillieJo: Mark and I met in 1989. I was waitressing at the time and he had come into the resturaunt a few times.  It was not until I recognized him at the gym (Sports Life) that we started talking to each other and then started dating in 1990. 

Snellville Patch: When did you get married?

BillieJo: Mark and I were married in 1994.  

Snellville Patch: How did you know you were meant for each other?

BillieJo: We just knew! 

Snellville Patch: Tell us about your first date.

BillieJo: Our first date was a dinner at Bennigans (which is no longer there on Jimmy Carter Boulevard) and we had a great time! We often drive by the location and recall our first date. I can still remember what I ate that night too.... (of course a salad.)

Snellville Patch: How did Mark propose?

BillieJo:I was away on a trip to Puerto Rico, and when I returned home, Mark asked me to marry him at the airport!

Snellville Patch: What is your favorite thing about each other? 

BillieJo: Mark is a wonderful provider and husband. Everything he does, he does for his family! 

Mark: BillieJo is a determined and dedicated woman who successfully balances being a wife, mother and business owner.

Snellville Patch: How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

BillieJo: Dinner out to a nice restaurant.

Snellville Patch: Do you have a special nickname for each other? 

BillieJo: Yes, we do.... but no... I will not spill those beans!

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