Brookwood Students Showcase Raw Talent at Gallery

Around forty students displayed their best work at Snellville City Hall.

As part of the first student art exhibition at City Hall, Brookwood students in the Visual Arts Program displayed some of their best work during a reception in their honor on Dec. 4.

Four students from the Brookwood Orchestra, including Danny Hawkins, James Deaver, Ian Chen and Julia Bassell, provided live music in the form of a string quartet.

Running through Dec. 30, the exhibit includes over forty pieces of artwork from students in various mediums. 

Students Jing Tan and Heidi Schureck both rushed over to the show after swim team, excited to have their work displayed at City Hall. 

Schureck, who is in AP art, used a combination of charcoal and pastels to create a work called "Crash." She was asked by her teacher to create a piece on loss. 

"At first, I laid down this brown paper and saw some white that got on it," she explained. "The excess white looked really good."

From that small inspiration, she created the face of a girl. In the girl's eye is a reflection of a car, and tears stream down her haunted face as she breathes through a tube. 

"She died in the hospital," said Schureck, describing how the piece is narrative art. 

Tan's piece, "Falling," shows a friend of Tan's hanging from a bar, laughing. Her teacher, Marie Thomas, explained that the assignment was to create a "foreshortened" piece, a technique in perspective that shows an object or person as closer than it is. 

The "Art on the Wall at City Hall" program was created by Mayor Kelly Kautz, who was present during the reception. Kautz is a huge advocate for the arts in Snellville and hopes to make it part of Snellville's personality. 

Stop by any time during business hours to view the complete gallery. 

Artists and groups interested in having a solo show of their own at City Hall are encouraged to contact the Snellville art jurors. The application and selection criteria can be found on the city website or at www.snellvillearts.com.

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