Loganville's Jordan Rager Releases New CD

Up-and-coming Country Singer Jordan Rager releases a new CD, "Burning Gasoline."

Just a few short months ago, was just coming off his stint as a contestant on and getting ready to graduate from . Like most graduates his age, he was at a stage in his life where he was faced with decisions on what he was going to do with the rest of his life. But this teen country singer wasn’t undecided at all – he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Rager said he is going all out to launch his music career for real, starting with the release of his new CD.

“Burning Gasoline” is a collection of 12 songs, all written or co-written by Rager.

 “These songs talk about coming of age, and dealing with growing up from a guy’s point of view,” Rager said.  “Some are about me, some are about friends of mine, some are just about life from my vantage point. But there’s something for everyone on this CD.  Teenagers will relate to it, for sure. 

"But so will former teens.  I think anyone who hears these songs will be reminded of a time, a place, a person, or an emotion that they felt growing up.  It’s about life and love, both found and lost.  It’s about hanging out with friends, and growing up.”

Rager said that from the country rocking sounds of songs like Burning Gasoline, Old Georgia Dirt Road, Don’t Tell Mama, and Waylon, to the pure country sounds of My Kind of Girl, Talk About A Memory, This Old Boy, or She Ought To Be Gone, to the soulful Boys Will Be Boys, Her Own Song, and Natural Born Charm, Burning Gasoline will leave you stomping your foot, singing along, and cranking it up. 

“I’ve poured my heart and soul into every one of these songs.  I’m so excited to be able to bring them to you,” Rager said, adding that this CD is an independently produced project. “I hope to be signed by a big record company someday—soon I hope. But I didn’t want to wait until then to begin to get my own music out to the people who come and hear me sing.  Hopefully maybe some label will hear the songs and like what they hear and start calling. But for now, I’m proud of what we’ve put together, and I’m sure folks are going to like it. At least I really hope they do.”

At his graduation from LHS in May, Jordan performed “We Walk Together,” a song that he wrote for the occasion. He said he’s now committed full time to chasing his musical dreams all the way to Nashville. He continues to write and perform around Georgia and the South. On Sept. 15, Rager is scheduled to open for Gretchen Wilson during the afternoon in Buford, Ga, and then again that same night he opens for Love And Theft in Atlanta. His appearance schedule can be seen on his webpage at JordanRager.com. He will have a CD release party on Sept. 22 at in his hometown of Loganville. 

“There’s no place else I wanted to have a release party than Loganville,” Rager said.

“Burning Gasoline” is available online through Rager’s website JordanRager.com and on iTunes, or you can email to ragerdcj3@bellsouth.net.  CD’s are $10, plus $3 for shipping. They are also available at all of his shows. 


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