Meet Artist David Babulski

Babulski's unique art is on display at Snellville City Hall.

Now that David Babulski is retired and all his children are grown, he has plenty of time to devote to his many hobbies.

Aside from playing the harp, building and flying model aircraft, creating medieval calligraphy and playing a 14th century Polish nobleman named Stefan with the Society for Creative Anachronism, Babulski is a skilled artist. 

A series of Babulski's art is on display at City Hall as part of their Art on the Wall project. Each of his paintings, which take two to three weeks each, features an enlarged view of a mineral deposit.  

Although he studied art in college and aspired to be a scientific illustrator, he didn't begin painting in earnest until 2001. His first work featured the minerals spangolite and azurite, which he examined through a microscope, drew by hand with a graphite pencil, then transferred and painted with precision. 

Babulski grew up in California where he developed a passion for studying minerals and painting. He graduated from California State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science and a minor in Art.

Babulski is currently a member of the Georgia Mineral Society and founded the Mineral Heritage Project. Through his work, Babulski helps to preserve mineral deposits in Georgia.

Artists and groups interested in having a solo show of their own at city hall are encouraged to contact the Snellville art jurors. The application and selection criteria can be found on the city's website.


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