Business Spotlight: About Face Skin Care

If you’re looking for rejuvenated skin without plastic surgery, About Face Skin Care is the place to go.

Owned by husband and wife team Sam and Chrissy Thomas, this med-spa offers everything from facial toning to Botox fillers. Chrissy is an RN and BSN and has worked in the field of skin care since 1996. She has worked as charge nurse of plastic surgery for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and was the director of adult plastic surgery and director of skin care services for Plastic Surgery Consultants in Atlanta.

Sam, a graduate of Emory University, left a career in Information Technology to work with Chrissy in 2010. He handles things like the daily operations, marketing, client retention, web development and social media, and business expansion.

Snellville Patch: What drew you to skin care?
Chrissy: I was a plastic surgery nurse… I trained with the surgeons but also trained on the skincare side of things, because I cared for the patients before and after their surgery. I saw how plastic surgery changed over time, and how people felt when they turned out a little different afterward. I did some investigating on my own on how people could avoid plastic surgery and still achieve similar results.

I started looking for things that would keep the face and skin tight and smooth without chemical peels and facelift procedures. That’s when I began investigating into the noninvasive world.

Snellville Patch: What are some of the most popular procedures?
: Injectables, which includes Botox or Juvederm, are pretty popular. Chrissy has pioneered the nonsurgical facelift, which is a combination of services that achieve that result.
: We developed the nonsurgical facelift program, which offers the most tightening benefits you can get nonsurgically. It’s much less expensive, has no risk of nerve damage and there is no downtime. It looks very natural.

Snellville Patch:  What all does that involve?
: Over time, we lose volume over the mouth and eyes. The cheek muscles stretch out, so if a woman looks at a picture from her 30s or 40s, her cheeks were more full compared to the chin area. That cheek area falls to the jowl area by the time they are 50 or 60. So we shorten muscles that drop over time and lengthen the muscles that tighten, like the crease above your nose, between your brows.

Snellville Patch: What’s it like working as a husband and wife team?
: Well, we’ve been best friends since we were 12! We didn’t date until later, but we’ve always worked very well together.

Snellville Patch: You recently moved into a new building. What’s the best part about the new facility?
: The square footage! We went from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet, which allowed us to open the wellness adjunct, which is mind and body.

Snellville Patch: Can you tell me more about that? What will you offer?
: We now offer Yoga, Pilates and seminars on personal enrichment. It’s a wellness facility that goes hand in hand with skincare.
: I’ve always known I wanted to do more than skincare. I alone see 15 women in my chair every day. The amount of stories I hear about divorce, kids moving out, breast cancer and things like that made me realize I wanted a place where women could share that kind of thing. I had people who would go to a gym but feel uncomfortable, so when we moved and the space was available beside us, we saw it was a prime opportunity.

Snellville Patch: What type of classes or seminars will you host?
: We’ll offer guest speakers to talk about things like inevitable weight gain over 40, a sip and paint class, things like that. I had a lot of women who I could see really enjoying each other’s company but there was no one to facilitate that. I look forward to being able to provide more about studies on breast cancer and other useful seminars. You can also rent the space yourself for $250 for a three hour block.
: The business concept is very cool. We offer vouchers if you don’t want a commitment, and you can come to anything you want. Then we also offer unlimited classes for $34.95 a month.

Snellville Patch: Sam, tell me about your involvement with Shop on Scenic.
: I grew up in this community. Not only do we live in the area, but we work in the area. I asked myself, how can I sustain the area or improve on it?  I came to the conclusion that we could provide an upscale element with About Face Skin Care.

The circle of friends we hang around with migrate to the city on the weekends; there’s no use in doing that if we can keep the revenue and tax base here in Snellville. That’s the goal of Shop on Scenic.

For more information on About Face Skin Care, visit their website or Facebook page. They are located at 1569 Janmar Road, near the Lowes on Scenic Highway.


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