How Did Snellville's Romantic Restaurants Score on Inspections?

Before you take your sweetheart out for a special Valentine's Day dinner, check out their most recent inspection scores.

The following are restaurant health inspection scores as reported by Gwinnett County:

Name: Provino's Italian Restaurant
Location:  2250 East Main Street
Score:  100/A December, 2012
Previous scores:  100/A, 95/A
Deficiencies observed: None

Name: Gary's Bistro
Location:  1250 Scenic Highway Suite 1240 
Score:  96/A December, 2012
Previous scores:  91/A
Deficiencies observed: Opened containers of sour cream & buttermilk and container of cooked chicken in walk-in cooler held over 24 hours not properly date marked. Items were date marked during inspection. Commercially packaged potentially hazardous foods and cooked foods that are held over 24 hours must be date marked with the date of preparation and/or date commercial package opened plus six days shelf life before the products must be sold and/or discarded. 

NameYakiniku Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
Location: 4002 Highway 78 Suite 400
Score:  90/A December, 2012
Previous scores: 90/A 
Deficiencies observed: Sushi rice holding in the sushi area without the time control times labeled on the containers. Buildup of on the stove and oil fryer cabinets. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment not kept free of an accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. 

NameRomano's Macaroni Grill 
Location: 1350 Scenic Highway 
Score:  96/A December, 2012
Previous scores: 75/C, 80/B
Deficiencies observed: Washed, unwrapped lettuce is being stored in direct contact with the unclean wire shelving inside the reach-in cooler at station 1. (Discard the lettuce. Wrap ready-to-eat food or place in a clean container with lid.) Food must be protected from cross-contamination by storing the food in packages, covered containers, or wrappings (except for loosely covered, or uncovered containers in which food is being cooled if protected from overhead contamination). / Manager has discarded the lettuce.  

Name: Bonefish Grill
Location: 1350 Scenic Highway Suite 200
Score:  94/A December, 2012
Previous scores: 100/A, 82/B
Deficiencies observed: The cavity of the salad plate freezer is unclean with debris falling into it from the lid and crevices near the lid. 

Name: Longhorn Steaks
Location: 1350 Scenic Highway 
Score:  91/A December, 2012
Previous scores: 87/B, 92/A
Deficiencies observed: Dead fruit flies observed in bottom of several bottles of the open and in use liquor in the bar area. The person in charge discarded the contaminated bottles. The person in charge stated that the liquor is not currently being capped when not in use. Facility is using food flavorings for drinks and teas. One item the sliced cheese was found above 41 degrees and was removed to properly cool.

JH Wilson February 13, 2013 at 08:42 PM
Provinos You Rock, See You The 14th


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