Know Before You Go: Restaurant Health Inspections

Restaurant inspections in and around Snellville for Sept. 10 - 18.

Results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Snellville by East Metro Public Health with a synopsis of deficiencies found by the inspector. These are reports over the past week. 

To see more inspections, visit East Metro’s searchable website.

Name: Eastside Medical Center
Location:  1700 Medical Way
Score:  91/A
Previous Scores:  95/A, 100/A
Deficiencies observed:
Employee beverages must be properly contained and stored in a location where contamination of food and prep surfaces will be prevented. At the prep station for vegetables which will be loaded into the steamer, there are employee beverages stored on top of the prep table. Clean mold from the ice machine. The ice maker of the soda dispensing machine (located next to the dressings) has mold build-up at the upper chamber. There is excessive dust build-up at the ceiling of the walk-in cooler.

Name: Enzo's Pizza
Location:  3070 Highway 78
Score:  80/B
Previous Scores:  87/B, 75/C
Deficiencies observed: Pizza sauce not cooled to 41F within proper time and temperature limits set forth by the food service regulations. Sauce is still 53F in the center and 46F at the edges of the container. Desserts in reach-in cooler have been thawed and placed into this cooler today, but bear a preparation date of tomorrow. Sausage topping and containers of cheese in the walk-in cooler have old and new date labels on the same container. Each time a food is used and the container is cleaned and sanitized, the date label must be removed from the container. Another routine inspection will be completed prior to December 31, 2012.

Name: Little Mexico Bar and Grill
Location:  1830 Scenic Highway
Score:  92/A
Previous Scores:  80/B, 87/B
Deficiencies observed: Ice machine had some mold like substance inside near the chute. All food contact surfaces must be clean to site and touch. The ice machine should be cleaned on a regular basis enough to prevent the growth of mold like substance or buildup. Container of quat sanitizer used to clean dining room tables was found to be well over 400ppm.

Name: Mah Jong Restaurant
Location:  1905 Scenic Highway Suite 650
Score:  91/A
Previous Scores:  84/B, 86/B
Deficiencies observed: Several unclean bowls observed within the stack of clean, metal portioning bowls above the prep cooler. Food pieces are still inside these bowls which were stored as clean. Remnants of raw shrimp (tails and small pieces of the flesh) are at the ledge of the vegetable sink. Only raw fruits and vegetables are to be washed and prepared at this sink station. Large sauce buckets hinged with metal handles are being reused after the original product has been consumed. The underside of the metal strainers (used for the hot holding chicken wings and egg rolls under the heat lamp) have accumulated dried food residue present in the little corners of the strainers.

Name: Moe's Southwest Grill
Location:  1850 Scenic Highway Suite 140
Score:  94/A
Previous Scores:  91/A, 93/A
Deficiencies observed: Facility is using chlorine concentrate to substitute the quaternary ammonium sanitizer until the delivery arrives this weekend. The chlorine has been connected to the dispenser calibrated for the proper quaternary ammonium concentration. However, the chlorine sanitizer is too strong in concentration. There are no chlorine test strips present for assessing the concentration of the chlorine concentrate being used in place of the quaternary ammonium sanitizer

Name: Sceptor Health and Rehab of Snellville
Location:  3000 Lenora Church Road
Score:  87/B
Previous Scores:  94/A, 92/A
Deficiencies observed: Tableware is preset at the dining tables in the Assisted Living dining room without proper covering or wrappings. The ledge where the clean dishes are gathered after passing through the dishwashing machine is unclean with food pieces and residue. Clean and sanitize the sink ledge. Mold and food build-up is present underneath the pre-wash area of the dishwashing machine station.


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