Know Before You Go: Restaurant Health Inspections

Restaurant inspections in and around Snellville for Sept. 19 - 26.

Results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Snellville by East Metro Public Health with a synopsis of deficiencies found by the inspector. These are reports over the past week. 

To see more inspections, visit East Metro’s searchable website.

Name: Popeyes
Location:  2330 Ronald Reagan Parkway
Score:  84/B
Previous Scores:  83/B, 88/B
Deficiencies observed: Single-service beverage cups are on display at the front counter without plastic wrappings or a dispenser. The cups are susceptible to germs from coughing, sneezing, and touch while in this location. Woven water pipe for the Bunn hot water station is leaking onto the cabinetry underneath the tea station. Back rim of the prep cooler for sandwiches has accumulated food particles and debris just under the lid. Two 1/3 pans of cajun rice were cooling today in the walk-in cooler from morning prep. The pans were stacked. The pan on top of the stack barely made it past the cooling limit for two hours.

Name: Norton Elementary
Location:  3050 Xavier Ray Court
Score:  100/A
Previous Scores:  100/A, 100/A
Deficiencies observed: None

Name: Shiloh Elementary
Location:  2400 Ross Road
Score:  100/A
Previous Scores:  97/A, 100/A
Deficiencies observed: None

Name: Summits Wayside Tavern
Location:  3334 Highway 78
Score:  94/A
Previous Scores:  96/A, 83/B
Deficiencies observed: Pangasius is offered as Grouper to customers. Foods are not honestly presented. Rust is present where the stainless steel has been removed in the sliding door cooler. Duct tape is used on the lids of cooler. Dish racks have a buildup of dirt present.

Name: Zaxby's
Location:  3951 Stone Mountain Highway
Score:  96/A
Previous Scores:  82/B, 97/A
Deficiencies observed: Raw chicken holding at the door of walk-in cooler decreased temperature by one degree within one hour. Prep cooler doors are not self-closing. Cuttting board is in disrepair.


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