Live Healthy, Become Wealthy; Local Author Pens New Book on Concept

“Becoming Whealthy: Wealth and Health Rising in Sync” is former Snellville resident and author Mark DiGiovanni's fifth book.

For author Mark DiGiovanni, there's a definite correlation between living healthy and becoming wealthy. It was that connection that help motivate him to pen his fifth book "Becoming Whealthy: Wealth and Health Rising in Sync." As well as being the owner of a financial planning company, DiGiovanni has always taken control of his health to the point of becoming a marathon runner for much of his life.

DiGiovanni has lived in Grayson for the past 10 years and in the Snellville area for around 15 years before that. 

"When I started Marathon Financial Strategies nearly 20 years ago, I chose the name because, as a runner since the 1960s, I understand that achieving long-term financial goals requires the same kind of persistence and discipline it takes to complete a marathon," DiGiovanni said. "That persistence and discipline I've developed through running has served me well in almost every other aspect of life."

“Becoming Whealthy: Wealth and Health Rising in Sync” was released in November 2012 and follows DiGiovanni's other four book releases:

  • Pearls Before Swine - Financial Wisdom from the Past... Ignored in the Present
  • Whipsawed - How Greed and Fear Shred Finances and Futures
  • Money Morons - Their Causes and Cures
  • 6,000,000 Minutes on the Clock - Discovering the What, Where, and Why of Your Ideal Career

In his latest book, DiGiovanni shows the interconnection between health and wealth, using real life examples from not just business and medicine but areas as diverse as philosophy, literature, sports, psychology, science and even pop culture. According to DiGiovanni, the various vignettes engage the reader while showing how the habits developed to support a healthy physical lifestyle can also lead to the development of behaviors that support a healthy financial lifestyle.

"Maintaining one's health is one of the most important steps in growing one's wealth. Wealth also makes it easier to maintain health," DiGiovanni said. "Those who abuse their health rarely accumulate and maintain wealth. Both involve being a steward of assets. Being a good steward increases your chances of obtaining more. Being a poor steward almost guarantees you will eventually lose what you've had."

DiGiovanni said this latest book is intended for all ages; for the more mature reader, examples from psychological profiling explain the origins of certain behaviors and how existing habits can be leveraged  to enhance physical and financial success. For the younger reader, who may just be starting out on planning for the financial future, easy tests are included to identify personality types that will help in the development of habits to  guide  choices in health and wealth.

DiGiovanni is a certified financial planner and president of Marathon Financial Strategies in Atlanta. He was one of the first seven CFP Ambassadors appointed by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards; in this role, he supports the CFP Board’s Consumer Advocacy Program and addresses the financial issues of the American consumer through public speaking engagements and media appearances.

“Becoming Whealthy: Wealth and Health Rising in Sync” is available for purchase on Amazon and other online book stores such as Barnes & Noble.


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