Moldy, Fuzzy Tomatoes in One Restaurant, Perfect Score for Another

Restaurant inspections, including school cafeterias, in Snellville for Dec. 9 - Dec. 16.

Results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Snellville by East Metro Public Health with a synopsis of deficiencies found by the inspector. These are reports over the past week. 

To see more inspections, visit East Metro’s searchable website.

Name: American Deli
Location:  3425 Centerville Highway Suite 3-D
Score:  91/A
Previous scores: 70/C (12/03/12), 81/B
Deficiencies observed: Several pans and a vegetable slicer stored as clean were found with food debris present. Spray bottle of chemical sanitizer was found at a concentration above 400ppm. The person in charge remade the sanitizer to the proper concentration of 200-400ppm. Quat sanitizers should be used at a concentration of 200-400ppm to properly sanitize and not be at potentially toxic levels. Deep fryers with large amount of buildup present on sides. The outsides of several storage containers in the facility were found with a large amount of buildup present. Catfish is no longer on the menu, after deceptively offering Pangasius in its place previously. 

Name: Checkers
Location:  1947 Scenic Highway
Score:  86/B
Previous scores: 72/C (12/05/2012), 83/B
Deficiencies observed: Manager in charge has failed to perform the duty of monitoring temperatures and ensuring corrective action is taken when foods are not being held at the proper temperature and equipment is malfunctioning. During the routine inspection last week, there was an issue with the walk-in cooler which caused the unit to produce air which was not cold enough to hold TCS foods (time or temperature controlled for safety foods). At that time, the manager was advised of the importance of taking sample food temperatures and actively monitoring the air temperature of all food holding units. During the inspection today, the temperature log book was observed missing its entries for today and yesterday. The manager stated that he only has to record temperatures in the log by 5:00 pm. However, he is unable to explain how long the food in the walk-in cooler has been in the temperature danger zone AND has no record of checking temperatures today. The majority of the potentially hazardous foods inside the walk-in cooler are not being maintained at proper temperature. Permit is suspended due to inadequate refrigeration.

Name: Firehouse Subs
Location:  1830 Scenic Highway North, #120
Score:  84/B
Previous scores: 87/B, 92/A
Deficiencies observed: Prep cooler not maintaining food temperatures 41°F or below. Observed trashcans without lids in the restrooms. 

Name: McDonald's (Walmart)
Location:  1550 Scenic Highway
Score:  94/A
Previous scores: 92/A, 98/A
Deficiencies observed: Box of styrofoam beverage cups is stored in direct contact with the floor in the back dry storage area. Box of styrofoam beverage cups is stored in direct contact with the floor in the back dry storage area. Container holding unwrapped canadian bacon has large open seam along the side and at the base of the container. Had the manager to discard the container and transfer the food to a solid container.  

Name: Mellow Mushroom
Location:  2000 Main Street East
Score:  95/A
Previous scores: 95/A, 91/A
Deficiencies observed: Employee not using an effective means of restraint for hair. 

Name: Panda Express
1830 Scenic Highway #200
Previous scores: 
97/A, 100/A
Deficiencies observed: Person in charge could not list reportable diseases and symptoms of employee health policy. Observed rice cooker in vegetable prep sink and not washed, rinsed or sanitized.  

Name: Philly Connection
Previous scores: 
76/C, 80/B
Deficiencies observed: 
Whole supply of tomatoes in box (inside the 3-door cooler) are molded and fuzzy. The sides of some of the tomatoes have black, soft spots. There is also a stack of loosely wrapped turkey slices which has dried out. The meat has ice crystals present at the dry spot. At the start of the inspection, the back door was propped open. 

Name: Red Robin
1250 Scenic Highway
Previous scores: 
89/B, 100/A
Deficiencies observed:
Ice scoop was in the ice with the handle in the ice in the bar ice bin. Some light bulbs are not shielded in various locations. Parabolic lens covers are being used over the servers side of the pass through area. 

Name: Snellville Middle School
3155 Pate Road
Previous scores: 
96/A, 85/B
Deficiencies observed: 
Employee changed gloves without washing her hands then started prepping chicken sandwiches. 

Name: Steak N Shake
Location:  1610 Scenic Highway
Score:  100/A
Previous scores: 79/C (12/07/2012), 90/A
Deficiencies observed: None. 

Name: Stevi B's
Location:  1977 Scenic Highway #H
Score:  82/B
Previous scores: 92/A, 91/A
Deficiencies observed: Person in charge could not answer any questions about cooling procedures. Cooling violations. 

Name: Summit Chase Country Club
Location:  3197 Classic Drive
Score:  91/A
Previous scores: 86/B, 84/B
Deficiencies observed: Observed cantaloupe, butter, cheese dip, milk, half and half date marked exceeding 7 day limit. Observed potatoes in 3 compartment sink. Bar dishmachine not working. 

Name: Wendy's
Location:  3395 Centerville Highway
Score:  82/B
Previous scores: 80/B, 90/A
Deficiencies observed: Plastic hot-holding pans for various unwrapped foods (such as fried chicken patties) are coated with thick, dried food residue remaining after cleaning. The upper chamber of the ice machine has thick mold residue present. The most recent inspection report is not on display in both the dining room and drive-thru windows. The push-to-exit knob is missing from the walk-in cooler door. Container used for storage of chicken patties has large open seam in the base. Walk-in freezer flooring is covered with food pieces and debris. 


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