New Facebook Graph Search: How To Protect Privacy

The powerful social network launches a new feature.

In the latest evolution of Facebook, the powerful social network announced Graph Search, the capability to show users information from their Facebook network. Also, the new tool has business capabilities.

According to the Los Angeles Times, users can search for things like "movies liked by my friends" or "photos of me and (name of friend)."

But for all other queries, Microsoft-owned Bing search engine will handle the results. So when users search for something such as "Jay-Z concerts 2012," Facebook will pass off the search to Bing. Users then will see Bing's results on the left, and information from Facebook on the right. Users also will see Bing ads in both columns.

But for an example of the search tool being used for more suspicious purposes, you may want to read this. Gadget Geek's Tom Scott created a slideshow of how to find people you may not know, based on their... unique... interests, like "married people who like prostitutes," "current employers of people who like racism" and "single women who live nearby, are interested in men and like getting drunk."

Checking your privacy settings is advisable. Just because you don't have the tool yet doesn't mean others aren't using it to search for people like you. 

The launch is still in beta mode, and users have to sign up for a waiting list to get the feature. Also, it's only available now to English-speaking users, the Times reported.

Also, the feature can be used for businesses. According to Mashable.com, Sponsored Stories will show up in searches as will Sponsored Results.

In the attached video, Facebook details how you can protect your privacy with the Graph Search feature.

How do you use Facebook now? Will Graph Search change how you use the social network? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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