Romano's, Sceptor Health and Rehab in Recent Health Inspections

Restaurant inspections in Snellville for Jan. 7 - Jan. 13.

Results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Snellville by East Metro Public Health with a synopsis of deficiencies found by the inspector. These are reports over the past week. 

To see more inspections, visit East Metro’s searchable website.

Name: G'Angelo's Pizza
Location: 2115 Main Street Suite B and C
Score: 86/B
Previous scores: 59/U, 80/B
Deficiencies observed: In the 3-door cooler, Raw ground beef is stored directly above ready-to-eat deli turkey AND raw chicken is stored directly above ready-to-eat deli ham. The dishwashing machine is not dispensing sanitizer at adequate concentration for the sanitization of food-contact surfaces. The most recent inspection report is not on display in the main dining room. 

Name: Hong Kong
Location: 3550 Centerville Highway Suite 106
Score: 89/B
Previous scores: 83/B, 81/B
Deficiencies observed: Foods not stored in covered containers, with wrappings or in packages. Eggrolls, cooked chicken & cooked chicken wings cooling at room temperature at beginning of inspection. Cooked chicken cooling in deep pans in the walk-in cooler. Current inspection report not posted at beginning of inspection. 

Name: Hot and Cold Buffet
Location: 2302 Highway 78
Score: 92/A
Previous scores: 90/A, 77/C
Deficiencies observed: Employee drinks stored above the prep cooler. Employee drinks should be stored in a manner that does not potentially contaminate food. The person in charge removed the drinks to be properly stored in a manner that does not potentially contaminate food items.  A large container of chicken wings was found cooling in a deep pan in reach in cooler while a container of beef and dumplings were found cooling in tightly covered containers. Several food boxes were found on ground near the dumpster.

Name: Romano's Macaroni Grill
Location: 1350 Scenic Highway Suite 900
Score: 96/A
Previous scores: 75/C, 80/B
Deficiencies observed: Washed, unwrapped lettuce is being stored in direct contact with the unclean wire shelving inside the reach-in cooler at station. 

Name: Sceptor Health and Rehab of Snellville
Location: 3000 Lenora Church Road
Score: 94/A
Previous scores
Deficiencies observed: Open commercial package of sliced roast beef has not been discarded. Roast beef has been held in use since 12/30/12. Multiple unlabeled, open packages of sliced turkey have not been discarded. (Discard the roast beef and turkey.) The most recent inspection report is not on display at either the front entry or dining room. Boxes of styrofoam food containers are stored in direct contact with the floor in the back of the kitchen. Dishwasher handled clean dishes with gloves which were just used to handle unclean dishes. Observation in the main hall: A member of the nursing staff was observed eating her personal food on a medicine station. Her hands contacted her mouth as she ate the cookies. The nurse used her bare hands to then give one of her personal cookies to a resident. She also poured water into a disposable cup for the resident. The medicine stations must be kept sanitary. Also the employees working this station must keep their hands clean. No personal food must be stored at these stations.

Name: Starbucks
Location: 1920 Scenic Highway
Score: 93/A
Previous scores: 84/B, 91/A
Deficiencies observed: Tabletops sanitized using the two step method with only one sanitizer bucket.Management will start using the one step method utilizing the spray onto surface and wiped with disposable towel. Outside house bib without backflow device. Vent above dish sink drain board with heavy dust accummulation. 


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