Stray Hairs in Rice, Pink Slimy Mold in Ice Machine

Restaurant inspections, including school cafeterias, in Snellville for Dec. 23 - Dec. 31.

Results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Snellville by East Metro Public Health with a synopsis of deficiencies found by the inspector. These are reports over the past week. 

To see more inspections, visit East Metro’s searchable website.

Name: Antogitos Salvadoreno
Location: 2585 Highpoint Road
Score: 88/B
Previous scores: 68/U (12/18/2012), 90/A
Deficiencies observed: A long strand of hair is down laying inside the cooked rice stored in the 3-door cooler. Improper cooling method: Foods are left inside of the pots used to cook them while cooling down on the prep table before placing into the cooler for the night. (Facility closes in one hour.) An additional routine inspection will be completed within the coming months. 

Name: Bonefish Grill
Location: 1350 Scenic Highway Suite 200
Score: 94/A
Previous scores: 100/A, 82/B
Deficiencies observed: Several prepared foods are uncovered while stored in the bottom of a prep cooler which has a condensation issue. The bottom of the cooler has pooled water. Several food containers and plastic pitchers are stored on the shelf as clean but have residue and food debris remaining. Employee working on the prep line has rubbed the underside of his nose and continued working at the prep station without changing gloves. Broken lids observed on containers of food. 

Name: Captain D's
Location: 2637 Main Street West
Score: 92/A
Previous scores: 95/A, 100/A
Deficiencies observed: Microwave oven with encrusted food particles. Employee not using a hair restraint during food preparation.Hair restraint provided. Facility dumpster's side doors left open.

Name: Chick-fil-A
Location: 2932 Main Street West
Score: 100/A
Previous scores: 90/A, 97/A
Deficiencies observed: None. 

Name: Eastside Station
Location: 2166 Highpoint Road
Score: 91/A
Previous scores: 94/A, 87/B
Deficiencies observed: The dishwashing machine is not dispensing sanitizer at an adequate concentration for sanitization of food-contact surfaces. The chemical feeder appears to have several air pockets. The microwave oven is unclean with dried food debris and residue. The facility must be maintained clean.  Repeat violation.

Name: G'Angelo's Pizza and Main Street Restaurant
Location: 2115 B-C Main Street
Score: 59/U
Previous scores: 80/B, 88/B
Deficiencies observed: Food safety manager failed to comply with food safety regulations regarding several risk factors: chemical use, cooling foods, holding foods at proper temperature, clean surfaces, etc. The small ice machine in the kitchen has mold at the ceiling of the ice chamber. The microwave oven in the dining room is unclean with residue and debris at the plate and cavity. Sliced ham portions and stuffing are still in use past 7 days. Expired potato salad and case of sour cream packets still held in use. A follow-up inspection will be conducted within 10 days (on or before January 7, 2013).

Name: Romano's Macaroni Grill
Location: 1350 Scenic Highway Suite 900
Score: 75/C
Previous scores: 80/B, 92/A
Deficiencies observed: There are soiled gloves, a food container lid, and a large scrubber stored in the basin of the handwashing sink at the dish pit. No soap is provided at the handwashing sink in the dishwashing pit. Several foods stored uncovered: Small dry cheese portions kept at the server station, ice water in large decanter at server station, panko bread crumbs on shelf, dry angel hair pasta on shelf, and seeds for bread at bread prep station. Pink/brown slimy mold has formed along the upper chutes of the ice machine. 

Name: Sakegura Japanese Restaurant
Location: 1905 Scenic Highway #1110
Score: 87/B
Previous scores: 96/A, 94/A
Deficiencies observed: Steaks, Nigiri and items with smoked salmon not marked with an asterik identifying them as undercooked or raw. Rice put out at 10:30 not marked with a discard time and was past the 4 hours allowed.

Name: Tastee's Restaurant
Location: 2671 Centerville Highway Suite 170B
Score: 86/B
Previous scores: 88/B, 89/B
Deficiencies observed: The oxtails, smoked chicken, goat gravy, and rice with beans were left to cool in deep portions. Raw fish and raw chicken are not being thawed using an approved method. The meats are placed in basins of water. Fresh juices juice sold from the lobby beverage coolers are in-house prepared juice products. The bottles do bear proper labeling with a disclosure statement which informs the customer that the juice has not been pasteurized. 

Name: Uncle Vito's NY Pizza
Location: 1630 Scenic Highway Suite 165
Score: 82/B
Previous scores: 92/A, 89/B
Deficiencies observed:  Observed sliced placed clean in storage with food debris on blade and blade cover. Observed outside of bulk containers dirty. 

Name: Waffle House
Location: 1960-B East Main Street
Score: 85/B
Previous scores: 82/B, 95/A
Deficiencies observed: Sliced tomatoes, country ham, and sliced cheese are not being maintained at 41F or less at the sandwich board and cooler drawer. Basket of raw shell eggs is held under time as a public health control without having the start and discard times written on the basket label. The temperature of the eggs is 67F. Country gravy has been held in use past the 7 day hold time. Chili has a label which has been altered to reflect a discard date of 12/28 superimposed over the original discard date of 12/27. Hard-boiled eggs have been prepared days ago and do not bear a date label. Failure to discard the unlabeled cooked eggs. 

Name: Wild Wing Cafe
Location: 1250 Scenic Highway Suite 1232
Score: 99/A
Previous scores: 71/C, 91/A
Deficiencies observed: Inspection report not posted for public view. 

Name: Yogurt King
Location: 1630 Scenic Highway Suite X
Score: 61/U
Previous scores: 93/A, 97/A
Deficiencies observed: Employee unable to clean hands and engaged in food preparation. No soap and water at handsink. Observed pineapple and coconut yogurts above 41°F in yogurt machines. Self serve topping not shielded correctly. Observed person in charge not using effective means of hair restraint. Very long hair not restrained. 

Tammy Osier January 01, 2013 at 04:26 PM
Not a surprise to hear that Chik-Fil-A had a 100.
Diana January 08, 2013 at 12:23 AM
I knew Yogurt King was going to get nailed. Nasty place, they leave the "fixings" out all the time. It's just yuck!
David Brown January 08, 2013 at 01:06 AM
Yogurt King might have closed. When my wife and I drove past there Saturday afternoon, the store was dark.
Crystal Huskey January 08, 2013 at 01:07 AM
They're probably closed until they can be reinspected.


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