Sugar Island Jerk Brings Two Failing Scores up to a 'B'

Restaurant inspections in and around Snellville for Oct. 23-Oct. 29.

Results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Snellville by East Metro Public Health with a synopsis of deficiencies found by the inspector. These are reports over the past week. 

To see more inspections, visit East Metro’s searchable website.

Name: Anderson Livsey Elementary
Location:  4521 Centerville Highway
Score:  91/A
Previous Scores:  100/A
Deficiencies observed: Sweet potatoes that had been placed on time control on the teachers bar several days prior were found holding in the walk in cooler to be used in a dish for the lunch room staff. The person in charge was advised that all items placed on time control must be used or discarded within 4 hours past the time when the food is removed from temperature control as indicated in the time control written procedure for the facility. Items placed on time control should not be cooled down and reused.

3400 Centerville Highway Suite H
Previous Scores: 
64/U, 59/U
Deficiencies observed: 
Cooked potentially hazardous food not cooled to proper temperature within time limit.  Food left to cool down in the walk-in cooler in a wrapped six inch pan filled almost to the rim. Oxtails in this pan are still unevenly cooling 14 hours after the cooling process began. Frozen oxtails were placed into the sink to thaw submerged in warm water. Then the cold water tap was turned on to pour into the container holding the frozen oxtails. Most recent inspection report is not displayed for customer view. 


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