Why We Want the Apocalypse

Have you uttered a sentence that ended with “… you know, if the Apocalypse doesn’t happen,” recently?

Have you recently ended a sentence with “…you know, if the Apocalypse doesn’t happen...”? Did you know that according to an Ipsos poll conducted earlier this year, one in seven people believe the end of the world will happen soon? Does it seem like, in one way or another, we are actually anticipating the Mayan Apocalypse?

Let me back up.

As recently as a century ago, most of the world lived a rural lifestyle. We tended the earth, raised our own food, spent time with our family and friends and lived. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for modernity – toothbrushes, vaccines, iPads… so just bear with me for a moment.) Life was hard, sure. There’s a reason we invented instant meals and climate controlled houses.

But I wonder sometimes, did we really gain so much? We work our tails off for the bottom line of someone else’s company, striving for “profitability” and improving investor relations, waiting patiently for some of the success (i.e. cash) to trickle down to us. Meanwhile, every dime that goes into our bank account gets relocated somewhere else, like the mortgage, the bills, the car, the phone, and every extra dime we receive inspires us to just get more stuff. We’re dependent on the ones who give us those thin pieces of paper with shiny dollar signs – owned, you could say.

So many of us live in “little boxes on the hilltop,” going to our jobs that are essentially imaginary, invented in order to push another buck. We sell junk and act like we actually care about it. We’re asked to be passionate about something that, if it disappeared, would leave no footprint whatsoever.

And I know that there was rape and pillage centuries ago, but when I hear about a 10-year-old girl who was kidnapped and dismembered just a few doors down from her own home, while her mother searches frantically for her, my soul cries out, “Dear God, send us the Apocalypse.” I read about Internet “trolls” that wade through the bogs of Reddit and think, “maybe we need a reset button.”

I question, have we really come so far? Are we really any different than we were a century, a millennium ago? Or do we just know the right words to fit into society? Have we created a beautiful mirage of civilization that is advanced in name, and technology, only?  

It isn’t that I want us all to be blown to smithereens. I don’t want plague and pestilence, war and famine. And yet…there is a reason our society is obsessed with Dec. 21, 2012.

I don’t know…maybe it’s as simple as the fact we want to quit our damn jobs and shoot zombies, live in the woods and be more than paper pushers. Christians want it because they’ll see Jesus; Muslims want it because it will usher in the last Mahdi; atheists want it so they can shoot zombies. Maybe, on a core level, we want it because we know our society is terribly unhinged.

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Sherilu October 15, 2012 at 05:32 PM
I'm glad that I don't live in the world you live in. It's very easy. Give up what you don't need and find a job that you enjoy. People are making their lives better every day, by eschewing the need to have a certain "image" and realizing that money will not fill the hole in their soul. Christianity is about feeding the poor, helping the homeless, loving your neighbor-focus on that and maybe you'll be happier.
Charis Roth October 15, 2012 at 08:41 PM
It isn't just that; I didn't want to list everything that was on my mind. But Sudan, Syria, abductions, children beaten by their parents, etc... it's a lot of really, really bad things. And you DO live in my world. But I guess some people are better at not letting it get to them.
bongostella October 27, 2012 at 03:05 PM
I retired at 55 due to a disability. I used to love the fact that I owned two homes, two nice cars and enough money to do what I wanted most of the time. Today, I am much happier. I sleep when I want to, get up when I want to, spend my days with my dog at the dog park, shop Buford Highway Farmers Market, see movies, and cook for three other people. My clinical depression is gone (no more meds), and I have quit my lifelong love affair with alcohol. I no longer own a home I have to take care of, I live rent free and overall just enjoy life much more. Yes the world is really screwed up these days, but I don't care. I gave up all my materialistic goods and live a lovely simple life. I am not religious and have never cared for organized groups. As Groucho Marx once said, "I would never want to belong to a group that would have someone like me as a member." But then, there are very few people like me and I have always taken great pride in that. I hope that all of you out there find what you are looking for. I have!
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