After Cruise Ship Nightmare, Would You Book a Cruise?

Passengers reported five days of toxic conditions after a cruise ship lost power. Would this impact your decision to go on a cruise vacation?

Thousands of passengers and crew stranded on the crippled cruise ship Carnival Triumph arrived to port late Thursday, after spending five days in reportedly toxic conditions, reports the New York Times.

Passengers described cabins of total darkness, overflowing, non-functional toilets and long waits for food.  The 14-year-old ship reportedly had similar mechanical troubles last month that delayed a cruise to Mexico.

According to Forbes, with a fleet of 100 ships, Carnival Corp. is the largest cruise company in the world and controls around 50 percent of the market. 

Although at least one passenger has opened a law suit, lawyers say cruise companies passenger agreements are structured to limit their liability and define how a passenger can sue, according to the Long Island Newsday

Lawyers say unless there was serious personal injury related to the incident, passengers do not have a case.

What do you think?  Would this incident impact your decision to book a cruise vacation?  Have you gone on a cruise in the past?  Was it worth the risk?

snerdly fackle February 16, 2013 at 08:08 PM
Without regard to this lattest gaffe by Carnival, the answer is, generally: no, I wouldn't and won't take a cruise, especially on Carnival. Of all of the lines available, including those under the parent banner of Carnival, Carnival itself is the worst: it is so very cut-rate, and its boats so very over-crowded (excuse the simile, but: like a tin of sardines) that at its best, a Carnival cruise is a flat, almost assembly-line affair. Only the really high-end lines and boats are truly enjoyable in these times: it's the difference between Business or First on, say, BA or Lufthansa, and a cut-rate seat on Spirit or USAirways (before it passes into oblivion, camouflaged by American). If you're going to cruise, spend the extra money, take a slightly longer trip (say, ten days at a minimum), and go to good places on good boats, There are always deals to be had, and you'll be glad you did. But, Carnval and its ilk? Fuggeddaboudit!


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