Know Before You Go: Restaurant Health Inspections

Restaurant inspections in and around Snellville for Oct. 2-Oct. 15. There were a couple of failing grades this time.

Results of recent Gwinnett County restaurant inspections in Snellville by East Metro Public Health with a synopsis of deficiencies found by the inspector. These are reports over the past week. 

To see more inspections, visit East Metro’s searchable website.

Name: American Deli
Location:  2274 East Main Street
Score:  97/A
Previous Scores:  57/U (Oct. 1, 2012), 100/A (Aug. 29, 2012)
Deficiencies observed:  Wiping cloth bucket is filled with chlorine sanitizer which has not been kept at an adequate concentration. Had the manager put more chlorine into the bucket to bring the concentration to range 50 ppm - 100 ppm. Change this solution every two hours if necessary to compensate for the frequency of use.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.
Previous deficiencies observed: Hands were not washed between gloves changes after handling raw chicken and raw beef then immediately handling cut celery and a sandwich bun with the new gloves. Several raw animal foods are stored improperly and handled improperly among ready-to-eat foods in the facility: 1. Raw chicken is stored directly above a bucket of pickles in the walk-in cooler. Move the pickles to the vegetable shelf. 2. Raw chicken is placed in back of the raw philly steak meat in the prep cooler which causes the chicken to travel over the philly steak when being pulled from the cooler. Pull the chicken to the front of the prep cooler since it has to be cooked to the higher temperature. 3. Gloves which contacted raw chicken and raw beef were also used to contact the handled of the prep cooler, spatula handles used for cooking the philly steak, and the handles of fryer baskets. Thereafter, new gloves have touched the handle of the prep cooler, the handles of spatulas, and the fryer basket handle. Then those gloves were used to pick up celery. The upper chute of the ice machine is coated with mold growth.

Name: Captain D's
Location: 2637 Main Street
Score: 95/A
Previous Scores: 100/A, 79/C
Deficiencies observed:  Ice storage bin at drive-thru area with black mold like substance build-up around back corners.

Name: Emory Eastside Heritage Center
Location: 2160 Fountain Drive
Score: 94/A
Previous Scores: 95/A, 100/A
Deficiencies observed: Opened package of sliced turkey, opened hard boiled eggs in bucket and other prepared foods in the 2-door cooler were made today and labeled for holding more than 7 days in refrigeration. Beverage lids at the serving line are not inverted.

Name: Five Spot Frozen Yogurt
Location: 1905 Scenic Highway Suite 10000B
Score: 96/A
Previous Scores: 96/A, 90/A
Deficiencies observed:  At beginning of inspection, rear hand sink had a slicer/dicer and hand tools (pliers) stored in the sink.

Name: Sugar Island Jerk
Location: 3400 Centerville Highway Suite H
Score: 59/U
Previous Scores: 100/A
Deficiencies observed:  Employee beverage is stored on top of prep table next to exposed foods which are cooling. Chicken which was deemed unsafe due to temperature abuse had been placed back inside the oven after inspector instructed the restaurant to discard the food. Chicken breasts cooked from raw product were pulled from the grill to serve at an internal temperature ranging from 130F to 165F. The range of temperatures was observed in several spots of the meat. Had the cook to place the meat back to the grill to cook to the proper temperature for pathogen destruction in chicken (at least 165F for 15 seconds in all parts). Cooked pasta mixture with cheese and heavy cream has been prepared and labeled with today's date. But, the pasta was actually cooked last week. Employee handled soiled wiping cloth to return it to a bucket, then went directly back to working with food without changing gloves.

Name: Target
Location: 1905 Scenic Highway
Score: 90/A
Previous Scores: 96/A, 97/A
Deficiencies observed:  Cold-held potentially hazardous foods not maintained below 41oF; no time controls/documentation in place. Two door prep cooler,next to pizza oven,not operating 41F or below


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