Earthquakes Hit China and Other Hot Topics

Join the national conversation about earthquakes, hantavirus and Paul Ryan's stance on marijuana. (His answer may surprise you!)

Earthquakes in southeastern China on Sept. 7 have killed 80 and injured 731 so far, according to CNN.com. Over 6,000 homes have been destroyed, and nearly half a million damaged. 

“It is scary. My brother was killed by falling rocks. The aftershocks struck again and again. We are so afraid,” Xinhua News quoted miner Peng Zhuwen as saying.


Hantavirus is on the rise at Yosemite State Park. They say that over 22,000 park visitors may have been exposed to the virus, which has killed three this year. 

According to FoxNews.com, the virus can lead to severe breathing difficulties and death. Early flu-like symptoms include headache, fever, muscle aches, shortness of breath and coughing.

The disease is transmitted through rodent feces, urine and saliva, and can travel on dust particles. 


Paul Ryan believes legalizing medical marijuana should be up to each state. 

"My personal position on these issues has been let the states decide what they want to do with these things," he explained in a Colorado television interview. "This is something that is not a high priority of ours."

(Pun intended?)

Although he personally doesn't believe marijuana should be legalized, he believes it should be decided on the state level rather than the federal. Romney, on the other hand, said he would fight legalization "tooth and nail."

Tell us your thoughts on these stories in the comment section. Were there any others that caught your attention this week? 


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