Rats and Low Water Levels in Summit Chase Subdivision

Follow up: A town hall meeting is scheduled for Nov. 8 at 7 p.m..

"City of Snellville act now! Rats are nesting in empty lake bed."

"Danger! Unsafe lake bed, keep out!"

"Unsafe!!! Dead fish, buzzards, rats. How would you like this in your backyard? Fix the value - fix the lake!"

These words are written on signage lining six homes in Summit Chase subdivision. Their backyards, which once butted up against a beautiful, full lake, now back up against mud, sludge and thick grass.

Although the homeowner's association has trimmed the grass and allegedly destroyed a rat's nest, residents are requesting the city's assistance in getting the job done. More than anything, they want to see the water levels back to what they should be.

Homeowner Lori Jordan claimed that her dog, a Westie, was attacked by a large rat recently. She moved into the neighborhood earlier this month, and was led to believe that the lake would be repaired soon. She was upset when she discovered it has been this way for over a year.

"We're just at our wit's end," she said.

She claimed that she was awoken at 4 a.m. on morning by her dog's yelping. He had a big chunk taken out of his flesh, and she had to shave him in order to clean his wounds. She saw three large rats the size of cats near her garage.

The homeowers association has sent out letters to homeowners urging them to keep food intended for their pets indoors. The food attracts the rats.

Jordan believes that the rats are attracting more wild animals, like coyotes. And as the fish in the lake continue to die, vultures soar in the air, swooping down every now and then.

A town hall meeting is scheduled for Nov. 8 at City Hall, starting at 7 p.m.

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