School Board Remains Mum on Allowing Donated PTO

Since Thursday, the Rineharts have received no word on whether the Gwinnett County school system will change their policy.

It's been a week since the Rineharts have heard from Human Resources, and five days since speaking at the Gwinnett County school board meeting last Thursday.

As of 10:20 a.m. Tuesday morning, nothing has been done. 

for a bacterial infection that got into her bloodstream. As a result, she had to have both hands and feet amputated. Her husband, Mark Rinehart, is a math teacher at South Gwinnett high. 

David Johnson, Hannah Rinehart's brother, regarding donated paid time off (PTO). Gwinnett County does not allow teachers to donate their earned sick leave to a fellow teacher in catastrophic circumstances. 

Yesterday, Mark returned to work after four hours of sleep, according to Johnson. Hannah's mother is with her, and said she can sense that Hannah is very afraid. 

"Up until now," said Johnson, " she has had Mark, who has been there for her and whispering words of encouragement in her ears."

Hannah's vital signs get better when he is in there speaking with her, according to Johnson.  At this very moment, her heart rate is elevated to over 150, possibly from battling infection. 

"Right now he is working to conserve his paid time off," said Johnson. "The most critical time for him to be off work will be when Hannah goes to rehab."

He added, "If they would just call us back that would be great!"

(Editor's note: Snellville Patch has not received a comment as of yet from the school board. Stay tuned for further updates.) 

There will be a fundraiser at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Atlanta on Sep. 29. You can also make donations online through Operation Appreciation.

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