Weekend Wrap-Up: Hit-and-Runs and Whooping Cough

In case you missed it, check out this weekend's top stories.

Snellville Patch featured a number of stories this weekend that got the community talking. For the most part, it was a pretty laid-back weekend.

On Sunday, Snellville Patch featured a short how-to guide on posting announcements, events and setting up a blog on the site.  

Five separate hit and run incidents occurred in Snellville on August 2.  None appear to be related, which made it a bit of a mystery.  Did planetary forces align and make people go a little wacko that day?  Kidding, of course, but the coincidence was odd.  .  

This opinion piece was inspired by the news that , with twice the cases reported in the metro Atlanta area than this time last year.  The story caught the attention of David Lewis, a research ethics watchdog.  He believes there is a link between vaccines and autism.  


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