Aimee Copeland's New Wing Finally Revealed

After only 25 days, Aimee's Wing rivals any "extreme home makeover."

Scores of people packed the driveway and yard belonging to Aimee Copeland and her family. 

"Every once in a while, maybe even once in a lifetime, an awe-inspiring story comes along," said Ryan Lewis, Vice President of construction for Pulte Homes. "A story of tragedy, a story of prayer, a story of triumph, and after meeting Aimee, I can assure you, a story that has much, much more to be written."

, one that includes a large study where Aimee can finish her thesis and possibly start a counseling practice, an exercise and rehabilitation room, a designer bathroom and lots of details that will make Aimee's transition home easier.  

The wing was built in 25 days, a feat accomplished only through the hard work and dedication of Pulte Homes, Home Depot and many others. 

Pulte Homes took it a step further and presented a check to the Copelands to help them with future expenses.  The money came from personal donations given by Pulte employees over the past few months.  

"We try to leave people in a better place than where we found them," said Pulte Vice President of Sales Steven Hanes.  

During , a $19,000 check was presented to the family. Andy Copeland, Aimee's father, noted that the elevator installed in the new wing cost exactly that amount, something for which they are very grateful.  

Copeland shared that Aimee's recovery has been remarkable and much quicker than expected.  She was expected to be in the hospital for at least four months, and in rehabilitation for three additional months.  

It has been three months since her accident, and she will come home within days.

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