2013 Predictions From A Cynical Mind

This is just from my blog. I write predictions some years. My last was in 2009 about 2010. If I'm right or wrong it doesn't matter. After all it is just one cynics opinion.

By: Kenneth Stepp

The last time I wrote my predictions was for 2010. I was pretty accurate then, but hope I am not now. Enjoy. They are just my opinion.


1. Privately owned drones become a problem

2. Wealthy have more, poor have less. Spreading it begins to fail

3. The media tries to sell austerity measures for middle class (Patriotic)

4. Recovery numbers disconnect with US citizens

5. Constitutional right to privacy is gone by end of year (laws passed)

6. Internet laws regulate anonymity because of terror potential 

7. Media blitz condemning all speech against US government

8. Media call to action, register all guns, call for mental testing (a ruse)

9. Electoral College attacked, nothing will change, too easy to manipulate

10. Federal government seeks tighter control on state laws (bills written)

The Economy

1. Currency war. US, China, Russia, Japan (Russia & China in collusion)

2. Wall Street disconnects from main street completely. Corporate tool

3. Global devaluing of top currencies. US hit hard

4. Louder call for UN run central bank, currency, and rate setting

5. Climate Change gets a face lift, media hypes

6. Carbon tax passes, with UN oversight

7. Global tax set by UN becomes popular with main stream media

8. UN treaties controlling many nations resources are signed

9. UN gun treaty blocked only by US will gain strength & popularity

10. UN calls for internet control under their oversight. Doesn’t pass, but close

The United Nations (The Year Of The UN)

1. UN will ask for small governing body instead of nations voting (passes)

2. UN will seek partnership with top corporations to control food & drug supply    under the guise of ending global famine & epidemics. Monsanto, big pharma, etc. This will be another form of global control needed for globalizing nations.(unsure if this will pass, but it has a shot)

3. The UN will pass a global gun ban. The US will not comply, but precedence will be set for future disarming (laws will be in place whenever US leaders want to enforce them)

4. Without fanfare or media coverage the UN will begin passing laws controlling resources such as water rights, individually grown foods, medicine, energy resources of all kind, and  the military of sovereign nations will no longer have UN observers, they will have UN trained commanders. Trained under global laws.

5. UN will want a permanent military base in the US and other countries that have large military forces. They will also begin training military leaders worldwide. This will be a prerequisite for these leaders to be in command of troops/equipment

6. UN will seek policy override rights on laws passed in free nations. This law will pass in the UN but will be opposed by US, Russian, and Chinese leaders. This will lead to nothing happening that we notice in the US but again, precedence will be set, laws will be passed, and it will be a matter of time before they are enforced globally

7. Muslim countries will seek measures that give them equal voting rights with founding nations such as the US, Russia, etc in the UN. This will not pass but will be hyped loudly and long in Muslim countries. This will divide us even more that we are today. There is power in division. That is the goal here

8. The mega media outlets in all nations will go on a marketing blitz selling everyone globally on UN treaties. On the virtue of “coming together” with all nations. Ending terrorism  and bringing the world to peace at last. Hogwash, but most people will buy it because their favorite media person tells them it is the best thing ever, and they would be an evil person if they didn’t like it as well. Not sure how this one ends unless it works. Then I know how it ends. No more Constitution, individual rights, free speech, etc

9. The UN attacks global banking by using the media, lawmakers, and it’s nations strength to gain global control of sorts over how money is made, distributed, and spent. Mostly to keep it out of hands that do not fall in line with their agenda

10. This will be the year of taxation & control. I mentioned it a few times before, but really want to bring this home. We have a UN complient president in the US that never has to run again. This has never happened. He has executive orders to use, and lawmakers that will not stand up to him out of fear of losing what they have. I’m not saying anything bad about Mr Obama. Only that for the first time in history we have a president that follows the UN agenda to a tee.

I did not write anything about wars, or military involvement because I have no idea how to predict something that is so manipulated by people I know almost nothing about.

I will say that I am sick of sending our best and brightest to fight in nations I believe have done nothing to us. Iraq and Afghanistan are wars in my opinion were sold to us by a cooperative media. Conservatives believe everything and anything Fox News tells them to believe, and Liberals believe the rest. Sad but true. Conservative are told they are unpatriotic if they don’t believe in these senseless wars. Liberals believe their leaders will stop these wars because they are morally superior in some way. Of course neither view is true. If they stopped and look at actions instead of hype, they would all see this.

The above paragraph is why I do not accept the labels that we are told defines us. In reality they simply divide us and keep us from seeing our leaders do not care about us or will ever change anything to make our lives better. Thanks for reading this.

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“He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from opposition; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach himself.”  ~Thomas Paine

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Tammy Osier January 01, 2013 at 09:06 PM
Unfortunately, you are not cynical, just observant. I sure hope you aren't right, but economically, I'm afraid you might be. You know, something that I think might change a lot of motives for why some decisions are made is to go back to our founders suggestion that our politicians make a small living wage, do their job (have a day job that doesn't involve politics) and then go back into the citizen pool where they will have to live under that same rules and laws as everybody else. too much exchange of monies, deals involving favors if you ask me. That's why we end up with what we have now. Wouldn't give you a plug nickel for any of them.
Kenneth Stepp January 01, 2013 at 09:55 PM
Tammy. With a 17% approval for congress it is clear they do not care what we think and know their jobs are safe no matter what they do. The Senate is about the same. I hope I'm wrong as well. I have watched the UN gain so much momentum lately. This has always been my biggest fear. The treaties that are waiting for signatures are unknown to most Americans because their favorite media outlets say nothing about it. So much real news is ignored. But we get to know everything about celebrity deaths, divorce, run ins with the law, etc. I've given up on people caring about important things. Distractions are the news now. Not deep issues. I read for so long about a UN treaty surrendering America's water rights to the UN. I heard it was signed, now I can't find anything about it. And so it goes.
Tammy Osier January 01, 2013 at 10:16 PM
Well considering the low approval ratings (even of the president and he got re-elected with them!), the question is...how do these people keep getting re-elected? I think it's actually voter apathy. No one takes the time to educate themselves on policies and their impact, history, ecomonics etc... Just go a vote for the one whose face you saw the most on billboards (usually the ones with the most money). A shame is what it is. It will cost us soon. That's what's sad, and even sadder, no one will care. We kind of deserve what we get when we know more about honey boo boo than we do or own Constitution. Don't know where you are in bible prophecy, but the Un is in there (it talks about a 10 nation alliance). All this economic crash stuff is falling right into place towards a one world government just as prophecied.
Kenneth Stepp January 01, 2013 at 10:32 PM
One problem is people think they are educated. They watch the news of choice. That would be the one they are suppose to watch according to the label they accepted ie: Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal, Black, White, Latino, Rich, Poor, Middle class, etc. Back when we were all simply Americans we kept these things in their place. Now we belong to groups and sub groups. We allow our views and opinions be defined by these labels. They always come with a belief system we internalize, and even defend by regurgitating ideas and facts we have been told are real as if the are real. Does anyone ever wonder why when we speak to someone from another "group" about politics we walk away stating the other person doesn't care about facts. Hey, the other person said the same thing about us. You possess two different set of facts, truth is truth, but different from the other truths. But they are the accepted truth to us. As far as biblical prophecy goes, I am silent. I have very strong beliefs. But sharing that in public does not serve anyone well. Far too many opinions exist. And like the aforementioned fact/truth paradigm I choose to keep it to myself. How ugly is it to nonbelievers (choose a faith) when two people of the same faith argue publicly?
Susan January 01, 2013 at 11:31 PM
Well after these last few days we need term limits badly in Washington D.C.. Yes it's hard to have 2 homes one in D.C. and one in their home states. Many then spend too much time away from home-forgetting how poor we are here out side of the beltway. Watching the EU-and it's failures, I don't think they will take over currencies, the American dollar is still steady compared to other options. One thing to watch in Georgia is the U.S. stock exchange is slowly moving into Atlanta and out of N.Y.. See Sun. AJC, huge investments being made-hope for the S.E .yet and our economy.
Kenneth Stepp January 01, 2013 at 11:54 PM
Susan. I'm not sure where, I believe it is London. The tax rate is 73%. And we have leaders that like the way government is done over there. The dollar is more stable at this point than most currencies. That is only because it is the currency of choice. That could change quickly. No one will "take over" our currency. But control of it is moving more globally than in country recently.
Karsten Torch January 02, 2013 at 05:57 PM
Voter apathy and ignorance is our biggest problem. But, it's on purpose, and it's working extremely well. Our government education system is really sticking it to us... Good list, Kenneth. Unfortunately, a lot of what you say is already in the works, and I'm pretty confident in roughly 90% of it going the way you say. In the domestic list, #2 is already a done deal. Doesn't work, but they'll try harder, I'm sure. #4 seems to be pretty much there. #5 is kind of scary, but yeah, think we've already started down this road. #10 I think would pass. I think you're right on the UN treaties. What most people don't realize is that per our Constitution, treaties take precedence. Meaning that if they pass a treaty regarding guns, we can't fall back on the 2nd Amendment. Great back-door way for them to pass the legislationt they'd love to see....
Paul L. Dragu January 05, 2013 at 04:24 PM
Great "article" to drum up dialogue Mr.Stepp. Now, if only- as Karsten hinted at- we can get the apathetic Americans to jump on board to get a little weight and stop this train of centralized power, we might have a chance. I think one theory no one seems to pay much attention is the what all these attempted U.N.-like laws will do the U.S. Like the Roman Empire we are so often compared to, we may be heading towards a breakup of the U.S. The Southern/ Conservative states are getting ballsier and more resistent to Washington (or "extreme" as the media calls is), as two very different culture are becoming more pronounced. USA Today reported a year ago about the astronomical growth in militias since 2008 (went from 200+ to 1200+ in four years). If U.S. gov't goes too far, I do not see this ending peacefully. Maybe I'm wrong and naive but this, I think, makes too much sense to be overlooked.
Kenneth Stepp January 05, 2013 at 04:42 PM
Paul I have given up on the voters coming together. Maybe its the cynic in me. Anyone, in my opinion that lives their life, votes, and proselytizes as one of the labels I mentioned (pick one) will never understand the brainwashing they have gone through. I have watched people fundamentally disagree with a policy, a war, a law, etc, only to change their mind when their media of choice tells them to. It is frustrating to watch. No, unless something huge happens this won't change. And by huge, I mean I can't imagine what or how big it would be. The south breaking away isn't the answer. Its just more divide and conquer mentality. Won't help a thing. Momentary feelings of winning will not fix this.
Paul L. Dragu January 05, 2013 at 04:55 PM
I'm not saying the South breaking off is desirable, but it certainly is more overlooked than it should be. Heck, South Carolina, just a year ago, wanted their own currency. No change comes to policy unless there is a "reason" for it. You're right. "Huge" will happen (maybe the market will crash).And when it does, it will hit so hard that no one will be able to ignore it because the very core of their lives will be affected. Then everyone will have to pick a side.
Kenneth Stepp January 05, 2013 at 05:32 PM
The Constitution is the answer to most of this. If followed the economy, debt, and the like would eventually be fixed. And it would never get like this again.
Tammy Osier March 23, 2014 at 03:26 PM
Just reread this. Number 1 under economics is ringing an eerie bell right now in the news...
Kenneth Stepp March 23, 2014 at 07:38 PM
And the other items that are now being done are scary too. 7 & 9 are the only ones I missed.
Tammy Osier March 24, 2014 at 06:47 AM
Kenneth, here's a subject I'd like to hear your opinion on. ++++++++++++++++so far, it varies. +++++++++++++++++++ http://dacula.patch.com/groups/trending-in-america/p/which-us-city-ranks-no-1-in-sex-traffickng
Tammy Osier March 24, 2014 at 06:55 AM
"Conservatives believe everything and anything Fox News tells them to believe, and Liberals believe the rest. Sad but true. Conservative are told they are unpatriotic if they don’t believe in these senseless wars. Liberals believe their leaders will stop these wars because they are morally superior in some way." ================unfortunate, but true. When I started going outside of partisan planes, when I went back and started listening to my regular radio programs, I heard something different. I still listen to conservative radio because for the most part, I find agreement. But I am able to discern what is hype and what has merit. I even tried to choke down a liberal station, and came away thinking that a lot of people are making money pretending to be something they are not. POLITICS IS A MONEY GAME - nothing else, and when people buy their wares ,hook, line and sinker, they are the fools that go out and vote their opinions. Heaven help us if we continue down this path. I'm thinking that many who are venturing outside their partisan home, are looking into the libertarian thinking more and more. They might have a chance in coming years. But until then, parties will still be divided by them and that's sad (and scary).
Kenneth Stepp March 24, 2014 at 07:26 AM
This train is going far to fast to stop. They have found so much profit in global military actions. Because its so easy to get the American people to back it. The media tells the to, and they do. Everyone believes they know the truth, but very few do. For me, the closer I look, the more questions I have. I took 2013 off from programming. I did not watch tv or listen to a radio at all. I studied global news feeds to find the ones without so much agenda, found a couple I like, and this is how I learn what "might" be going on.


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