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Winter has struck and I am stuck in the house. What can I do for exercise??

“How can I exercise?  I am stuck inside at a relative’s house with 6-12 inches of snow outside.”

First, why are you stuck in the house??  Did you bring a coat and gloves?  If so, get outside and walk in the snow.  Have a snowball fight.  Build a snowman.  Your body will burn additional calories trying to stay warm.   MOVE YOUR BODY!

Does your relative have inside stairs?  If so, go up and down the stairs 10-20 times in the morning and 10-20 times in the afternoon.  These up and downs are in addition to any times that you may incidentally go up and down during the day.  As much as possible, you should try to do all of them in succession without stopping

If there are no stairs in the house, try a dance party.  Turn on some fast music and DANCE!  The crazier you dance the better!  I suggest dancing for about 20 minutes straight and/or sweating through at least 5 songs in a row.  Throw your dance party once in the morning and once in the evening.  Kids LOVE them!!!

You can also have a family stretching/yoga session.  My 4 year old actually asked me to do that today while I was at my chiropractor appointment.  (Not the best time, so we waited for later.)

Additionally, if anyone in the house received any fitness video games and/or Xbox 360 Kinect or Wii games for Christmas, play them.  Get up off of the couch and get into it. 

Finally, if the house looks anything like mine after Christmas, it needs a good cleaning!  Cleaning house burns lots of calories and the faster you do it, the more you burn.  If you are at a relative’s house, they will be so very grateful that you helped them clean up!

The key is to MOVE YOUR BODY!  Look for ways and opportunities to do it.  Use this experience as an opportunity to find new ways to move instead of as an excuse to snuggle on the couch for the day.


Looking for more tips and tricks?  www.moveyourbodytransformation.com

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Tammy Osier December 28, 2012 at 05:14 PM
Kristy, I used to tell my cadets to do core exercises while watching television. People who have a problem with most exercise, have problems because their muscles give out easily. Cardio (dancing is best!), to get your heart rate up and muscles warm is a good start; that makes any exercise easier. But when you're doing something sendendary, you can still be doing something useful. Strengthen the core muscles (back, waist, abdominals). Maybe you can post some for your readers. Your description might be better than mine. I just thought I might make the suggestion. :)
Amy December 28, 2012 at 10:08 PM
She's talking to deaf ears Tammy. People love to complain and never do anything about their weight. The person who just does it never asks. I do the same thing. I see a formerly overweight person and I'll always ask, "how did you do it?" I know the answers. Eat less, exercise more....real simple formula, but I ask anyway.
Kristy Olds December 28, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Actually, not all ears are deaf. Some ask and are ready to take action once they receive the information. Some ask and will be ready to take action eventually. There are others who ask because they are looking for a quick fix and are not motivated to take action. I believe sharing information and ideas with everyone is important so that, when the motivation strikes, the person will be ready.
Tammy Osier December 28, 2012 at 10:31 PM
Amy and Kristi - both are right. Amy, my daughter is a trainer, and will not train them if they are not willing to listen. Seriously, they want to go on their "own fad diet". She will not train them unless they are willing to do it her way, which is basically, what you said, change food habits, moderation and exercise. But they won't, and they gain their weight back. Inevitably. Then, they blame her. Kristi is right too. You've simply got to catch someone when they're ready and not looking for a quick fix. Her job is to provide the information. I hope many will scroll past all these "political waste of time" posts, and take a look at the really helpful posts that can make a true difference.


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