A Good Foundation for Glamour: A Great Escape

Get fitted properly for your undergarments for a fabulous look.

I had a life changing experience this weekend.

Well, not exactly life changing—but I finally discovered a clothing secret that makes everything I wear look great on me.

What’s the secret, you ask? A new bra—one that is fitted professionally and correctly.

Several years ago, Oprah did a show on this subject. Several regular women with real bodies were measured and fitted using a unique method. When they appeared in their newly fitted undergarments, all of them looked significantly better.

I quickly went to a local upscale department store to get fitted myself. Imagine my disappointment when they told me I was wearing the right size. I, too, wanted a transformation like the women of Oprah.

On a recent trip to sunny Florida, however, my trusty bikini top, which I have worn for several years, had to be retired when the bra hook busted in two pieces.  Fortunately for me, we saw a billboard sign advertising a specialty store that catered to women that are . . . ahem, bustier.

Lion’s Lair, located in Islamorada, Florida, specializes in professionally fit bras, bathing suits, and other clothing. Their skilled staff is well educated in fitting women of all sizes with the proper undergarments.

My sales consultant Stephanie explained that an overwhelming 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Of course, this greatly affects your appearance. Typically, women experience issues such as gaping in the cup, bra straps that ride up in back, flowing “cuppage” at the underarms, and bad posture.

She took my measurements in two places:  just underneath my chest around the rib cage and around the bust at the largest part. Women generally make the mistake of getting too large of a band size, according to Stephanie. Instead of the 36 I had been wearing, she began experimenting with fitting me in sizes 32.

Specialty undergarment shops, such as , 4745 N. Main, Lisle, generally carry a wide range of cup sizes. Whereas most bras sold in department stores range in size from A to D, specialty shops have bras ranging all the way to a cup size I. The cup size is actually increased to accommodate the whole breast area. We finally found the perfect size for me—a much larger cup than I had been purchasing.

And the Oprah-endorsed Intimacy just opened a suburban location at Oak Brook Mall. Intimacy follows the same philosophy of smaller band, bigger cup, and has a far wider range of sizes than a typical lingerie store.

The difference? Well, let’s just say that I haven't seen this kind of perkiness since I was 18. Wearing the proper bra, especially for us bustier girls, puts everything where it’s supposed to be and makes you look like you lost weight as well. My bathing suit top looked fabulous.

So head to Tina’s Closet or Intimacy this weekend and get yourself measured properly. The girls will thank you.

Suzy Ravasio Chudzik April 26, 2011 at 02:07 AM
I love Tina! She has been helping my girls look fabulous for the last few years! She is wonderful.


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