Great Escape: Connect on a Family Field Trip

Take a new look at our local wonder, Stone Mountain Park, for a little education and community connection.

Not all of your escapes can be without children. If you have a few hours, try taking a mini fieldtrip with an older child. Consider going to the Education Center at . Learning something new together not only connects you and your child, but also you to your community at-large.

Located at the base of the walk-up trail, the Confederate Hall Historical and Environmental Education Center is a Fernbank-esque experience.  With interactive and professional displays that show the creation of the magma rock as well as a video show inside a cave, you and your child will thoroughly enjoy learning about the creation of Stone Mountain.

After you understand how the rock was formed, you can watch two short videos in a mini-theatre about the Civil War (thus inspiring a  Confederate Monument) and how the Memorial carving was designed and excavated.

Have a quick pictorial lesson about local flowers and birds then grab a Stone Mountain Memorial Association newspaper and pick your next adventure. I suggest either heading over to the Rock Quarry exhibit to learn about how granite was quarried or hike one of the lesser know trails.

If you drive past the playground and turn right off Robert E. Lee to Stonewall Jackson Drive, you will find the more secret Songbird Habitat Trail Area to explore. Just pack a lunch, lots of water, sunscreen and a hat. Finally, like every good helicopter-mom, complete a tick-check once you get back to the car.

Enjoy your mini field trip.  These are the types of memories we remember and relish with our kids. All you need to do is take the time to make them. 


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