Great Escape: Hike Up Stone Mountain

Take back personal time and clear your mind at Stone Mountain Park this weekend. It's just minutes away from home.

Did you resolve to exercise more this year? Has this resolution moved to the bottom of your never ending to-do-list? Take back personal time this weekend and find renewed peace of mind. 

Promising to exercise more at home seems futile as it always gets usurped by that to-do list. The great news is that we live very close to one of the greatest outdoor wonders in the South- . I challenge you to hike up the 1.3-mile walking trail this weekend for your escape.

Arm yourself with only a bottle of water. As you hike the rocky terrain, you will find that you must concentrate and choose a safe path. Allow yourself to hear the birds, laugh at passing stories, and smile at children looking for animals.

As you push toward the top, you begin to only think about your breaths and your steps. Responsibilities (and that daily list) have faded from thought. Don’t stop- keep going.  Your mind will feel free when you get to the top. 

Just as in motherhood, you have chosen an adventure that you must complete. Each step is important.  Although you may be tired, out of breath or even ready to cry, you have done it. You have chosen your steps wisely and very importantly, you took care of yourself along the way.

On the way back down the mountain, take The Summit Skyride to catch a breather and a great view of the park. Your reward is now in order, so relax and catch a bite at one of the park's restaurants. Congratulate yourself on a hike well-done.

Denise Mann February 12, 2011 at 12:38 AM
Please note that the Sky Lift does not return you to the walk-up parking lot. You would have to walk about 1 mi back to your car.


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