Hey Y'all! Meet Angelica Chun

I first met Angelica Chun and her husband Daniel about twenty years ago when they opened their business, Nail Hero, in Snellville.

I first met Angelica Chun and her husband Daniel about twenty years ago when they opened their business, Nail Hero, in Snellville. Their sons were then small children who came to work with Mommy and Daddy. She is such an impressive and amazing woman. You would never dream of the experiences she has had.

Angelica and Daniel had the opportunity to join the staff at Designing Hair in Snellville. She is truly an artist. Her station is sanitized and immaculate. She does every kind of natural and artificial nail available and her prices are much more reasonable than those of most nail technicians. A manicure and pedicure is $23.00. How can you beat that? Angelica’s client list includes men and women. I have never heard of an unhappy customer. She has a number of clients who are diabetic or have other conditions that require special care.

Both Angelica’s and Daniel’s families are from Cambodia originally. Her parents, her younger sister and she were placed in a refugee camp for a number of years before qualifying to come to the United States. Angelica was about 16 years old. During the time the family was held in a camp, Angelica and another young girl were taken from their parents. The two young girls were taken to another camp many miles away. Neither of the girls had family or acquaintances at this new camp. They felt they did not have any protection there.

One evening, after watching the camp activities and routines, Angelica and her friend escaped. Traveling alone and hiding as much as possible, the girls made their way through the jungle and rice paddies toward their families. Walking through the rice paddies was much easier at night, but poisonous snake are prevalent in Cambodia. Snakes prefer to live in the rice paddies where they eat rats and vermin. It took the two young girls days to reach the camp where their parents were being held. Their parents had never expected to see their daughters again. Angelica’s father was educated and could read and speak French. He had some knowledge of medicine and was well respected in the community and the refugee camp. Eventually the family was approved for visas to come to the United States. Fortunately, the family was kept together and settled in upstate New York. As each family member became eligible, they applied and became US citizens. Born on July 4, Angelica truly loves the United States and being an American.

In the tradition of the Cambodian culture, Angelica was betrothed to Daniel. She met him and his family for the first time only a few days before the wedding. Angelica told me that she was fortunate with her marriage. She married a man who was very kind and gentle and she fell in love with him. They have two sons, Viret and Sinet. These young men are movie star handsome, but then so are their parents. Viret recently graduated from The Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts. And Sinet is studying at Georgia State University to become a pharmacist while working at Publix pharmacy.

Alexander Ronin is their only grandchild, and he has such a delightful personality. Called Ronin at home and Alexander at school, he is just one of the neatest kids you will ever meet. He is smart, funny and very caring, and the apple of Da-Da’s eye. Daniel is devoted to Ronin and Ronin is devoted to Daniel.

Let me you about another amazing member of the Chun household. Her name is Ruby and she is a pit bull that knows she is the royal member of the household. When Ruby comes in from the yard, she steps into a pan of water to wash her feet. Then her footman, Daniel, comes with fresh towels and dries her paws.

If she gets dirty, Ruby expects to be bathed. Actually, she demands it. Once she got caught in the rain and had some mud on her feet. Angelica said Ruby was very upset until she got to the bathtub. Once shampooed, blow dried and fluffed, Ruby was happy again. Ruby just falls apart when company comes. She is so happy you have come to see her. I mean, you wouldn’t come to the house to see someone else who lives there, would you?

Stop by Designing Hair and Nails by Angelica to meet Angelica Chun. She is one of the most interesting and most positive people I have ever known. I think you will find her just as delightful as I do, and you might just leave with a perfect manicure. Nails by Angelica is located in Designing Hair next to Michaels at 1977 Scenic Highway (Hwy 124) Snellville. 770 -972-6296.

Darby Terry October 27, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Thank you for the inspiring column about Angelica Chun. It is always good to hear the stories of the situations the Cambodian and Vietnamese people endured in order to reach this country. After hearing their stories, we are reminded we should make ourselves answer to a higher set of standards.


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