How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Stronger and blacker than the heart of Satan? Or do you prefer ninny water?

Everyone who drinks coffee wants it prepared just so.

Sandy Williams and Mark Manning from Parkview High School brewed triple-strength dark roasted Starbucks. When you think of black coffee, it will NEVER be as black as that. Their coffee was stronger and blacker than the heart of Satan.

They called my coffee, “Ninny Water”. I admit my coffee it isn’t as strong as theirs, but you don't have to chew mine. The spoon in mine will not actually dissolve. It does pit the spoon pretty badly. Snell’s cousin Charles will sometimes drink a cup of my coffee. When he does, he adds water to it. 

I don’t understand.

This is a man that craved coffee as he was recovering from cancer surgery. He was on a feeding tube and the only thing he wanted was coffee. I poured coffee directly into his stomach. And now, he won’t drink it when I make it.

Ninny water, I don’t think so. You do not have to worry about periodontal disease with my coffee. It eats that tarter and gunk right off your teeth.

My Mama boiled coffee in an old fashioned percolator that sat on the burner of the stove.  Daddy drank one cup of coffee in the morning. He might drink another cup at night if they were eating toast and Mama’s homemade fig preserves. Snell used to quiver for hours after he drank a cup of Mama’s coffee. In comparison, maybe mine was ninny water.

I can remember sitting in my granddaddy’s lap. He would pour some milk in a saucer and doctor it up with a little coffee and some sugar. He would give me little sips from the saucer. I thought I was hot stuff. Eventually, I would raise enough Cain that someone would fix a bottle of milk with just enough coffee to add a little flavor. I still drink my coffee with a lot of milk and some sugar. I became an addict at two years old! HMMM, I wonder if that could have been the cause of my acid reflux. 

I make coffee the way Mama and my Grandmama did. I use Mama’s measuring cup for eight cups of Eight O’Clock coffee. It is about one heaping teaspoon per cup, plus one for the pot (maybe a little more). I add a pinch of baking soda to cut some of the acidity. Mama used a little red spoon from my doll tea set for the soda. It holds less than one-eight of a teaspoon. 

Nothing smells as good as coffee cooking. I wish it tasted as good. Snell or I make coffee every day. The other day I bought a bag of chocolate raspberry flavored coffee, which smelled wonderful while it cooked.

My son James doesn’t drink coffee very often.  Sometimes he will drink a cup of sugar and cream, mildly flavored with coffee. James decided he wanted some of that chocolate raspberry coffee. He has seen me make coffee and “helped.”   When he was little, he’d sit on the counter and dip the coffee into the percolator basket. When he was finished I would sweep up a half pound of coffee off the counter and floor. The things we do for our young’uns.

James got the coffee, filter, water and baking soda.  He fitted the filter, placed four full scoops of coffee and one TEASPOON of soda into the coffee maker. It was interesting, to say the least. 

Snell and I drank James’ coffee and we bragged on it.  We were proud that he took the initiative and didn’t ask for someone to do it for him. Dr. Oz said the human body chemistry should be more base than acid. Our body chemistry will be base PH for weeks to come!  And it sure wasn’t ninny water!

Nancy Head January 25, 2013 at 01:24 AM
Reading your article made me want a cup of coffee. I prefer the strong stuff, so I'll probably be up half the night. Thanks Marlene for adding your humor to even coffee! We will miss your articles! Nancy Head
Crystal Huskey January 25, 2013 at 02:04 AM
She is one of my favorite people. Thank you so much for all you've contributed to Snellville Patch, Marlene!
Brenda Ewing January 26, 2013 at 12:11 AM
I am truly going to miss reading your articles. My favorite article is the one about the 'burned biscuits'. You are a very special person with a great talent. I love your outlook on life.......ENJOY LIFE NOW - IT HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE! Brenda Ewing
marlene buchanan January 31, 2013 at 12:48 AM
Thank you all. I will greatly miss writing for the patch. I have met some really wonderful people. And Brenda, I think I still have a few of those biscuits around if you need any landscaping stones.


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