Message of Love Campaign

Greetings Friends,

Join us during our “Message of Love” campaign.  This campaign is designed to collect greeting cards that will be distributed to the homeless and those in need. We ask that greetings cards are purchased or handmade then personalized with heartfelt messages, encouraging words, affirmations, and testimonies. Please mail them to: The Faith Project, PO Box 769, Snellville, GA 30039. The deadline is February 9, 2014.  There is no limit to how many you can send. Our goal is to collect over 150 greeting cards and distribute them just in time for Valentine’s Day.


We understand how important it is to be reminded of love and encouragement. Please JOIN US!

NOTE: We ask that your message be generic to apply to male, female, child, and/or adult.


In Service, 

Lakeisha JohnsonChief Visionary  The Faith Project, Inc.  www.TheFaithProjectInc.org  3005 Lenora Church Road Building ALilburn, GA 30078 


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