Santa Claus Visits the Special Needs School of Gwinnett

Marlene Buchanan has the honor of knowing Santa personally.

I told you once that I was older than dirt.

I taught Elvis in high school and I attended kindergarten through graduation with Santa Claus. Yep. I remember Santa when he didn’t know what a whisker was, let alone how to grow a beard!

You know, Santa is not born Santa Claus. He has to be chosen for that job because of his kindness and love for children. David Childs was tapped to be Santa Claus quite a few years ago. From the beautiful white beard and rosy cheeks to the loving personality and deep heartfelt laugh, David is Santa.

Santa David is a very generous, gregarious man with the tender heart of Santa Claus and the true Christmas Spirit. Childs was chosen as Santa because he embodies the ideal we all hold of that delightful being, and he lives that vision all year long. 

Since his inauguration as Santa, Childs has appeared in many locations. Santa David lights Atlanta’s Great Tree at the Lenox Square Macy’s. He has done a number of commercials and television shows. One of the nicest things Santa David does every year is to spend a day at the Special Needs School of Gwinnett. All the students have the opportunity to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, and each one can enjoy just spending time with the great and wonderful Santa Claus.

Working with special needs children and young adults takes a certain personality, one with patience and an ability to establish a safe and positive rapport quickly.  Many times children of all ages are afraid of Santa. Santa is a bit confusing for some of the kids. Santa David is gifted in communicating with all people, but he also has that special quality that charms and calms the kids at the Special Needs School of Gwinnett.

He leaves a wonderful lasting impression.

Santa appears on WSB TV-2 David Chandley's weather report at 6-7pm on Christmas Eve. David talks with Santa on his Santa phone as Santa is flying towards Atlanta in his sleigh. Santa also helps Habitat for Humanity on the first Saturday of November every year at the Dunwoody Methodist Church.  All proceeds are donated to Habitat for Humanity.

You can contact Santa through www.santasworkshopatlanta.com or by calling 678-376-1921.

For more information on The Special Needs School of Gwinnett, Inc. (pre-school through 12th grade) and Young Adult Programs, visit their website

Santa Claus December 19, 2012 at 02:03 PM
Santa is very pleased that the Patch has featured his visit to the Special Needs School in Lawrenceville, Merry Christmas everyone, I will see you all on Christmas...I'll see you but you will not see me....
marlene buchanan December 19, 2012 at 09:28 PM
Thank you, Santa. There will be milk and cookies!


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