UFO Sighting Reported Over Snellville

The incident took place on Oct. 21.

A large, slow moving triangular craft. Bright, flashing white lights.

Could it have been an alien craft?

A report posted on UFO Stalker, a website thatĀ tracks reported UFO sightings throughout the country, indicated a sighting in Snellville.

The following information was submitted on October 21:

"Driving home from the store, I saw what looked like a plane or possibly helicopter in the sky right above the treeline. Realized it was way too low and moving WAY too slowly to be an airplane. It was a large (about the size of a small house) triangular object, dark in color with red flashing lights at one corner and very bright white lights at all corners.

The red lights appeared to flash sequencially, while the white lights were a bit random, and more steadily on. The object was moving so slowly it almost appeared to be stationary. Turned into the neighborhood and lost sight of it behind trees, when I rounded the corner to where I should have been able to see it again, I could not find it anywhere in the sky. The whole sighting lasted about 45 seconds, and my cell signal was slightly erratic when the object was visible.

The last time a sighting was reported in Snellville was back in 2010.

Over the past few months, however, there has been an uptick in sightings in Northeast Georgia. On Aug. 31, a UFO was reported over the Barrow County Jail. Two others were reported in the same county in May and June.

Report submitted May 6, 2012: My husband, daughter, and I were in our pool around 10pm and we saw a red light approaching from the south. It was low and we initially thought it was a helicopter- which we see often in our area. However, it was silent; and did not blink. It was about 50-55 degrees above the horizon. It appeared to be flying as low as many of the smaller planes and helicopters from the Winder and Gwinnett airports fly. It changed its course and travelled to the east, toward the moon. We followed it behind the tree line, but it simply disappeared. Naturally, we kept our eyes on the sky. We were excited to see something that we could not identify. Just under two minutes later, following the exact same path, was another (or the same) red light. It was silent, in the same position in the sky, and did not blink. It headed east and disappeared right in between us and the moon, as the moon's light is much brighter. Other small planes were seen in the sky before and after the sightings; all of which had blinking lights and made sound. I am a scientist, and having eliminated other natural or known manmade flying objects, have decided that this is beyond my scope and would like to see what a more experienced sky-watcher may have to say about this event.
Report submitted April 17, 2012: 15 miles west of Athens GA, walking our dog around 9-9:15 pm, we noticed a bright orange ball that had a mild pulsing light similar to an airplane in the south sky traveling north towards us; I initially thought it was an airplane but as it got closer, there was no engine noise, nor did it have the blinking lights of an airplane, it was a barely notoceable pulsing light. It appeared to be ascending but it was not on a normal flight path in this area. We stood still watching it fly overhead, northbound, and within three seconds of passing over us, it completely dissapeard to the north,(Just above Highway 316 between Collins Hill and Carl Bethlehem Rd in Barrow County, GA.).

In May and August, .

"I was on a friends front porch having a discussion when I noticed an extremely bright stationary light out of the corner of my eye, and dismissed it thinking it was a tower. My friend said something about it and we studied it further and noticed it was not a tower. The object was over a mile away and got increasingly bright as if to be moving toward us. The object started moving in precise geometric movements to the right and then downwards. The object turned upwards very quickly. It then moved to the right again and the light seemed to be dimming. It ultimately dissapeared. Me and my two friends then started discussing all possibilities of what it could have been. We came to the conclusion that no man-made craft could have fit the description of what we saw. The best way to describe what we saw was an unidentified flying object not of this world.

Have you ever seen a UFO? Or do you think it's just nonsense? Tell us in the comments!

Darla Dixon October 25, 2012 at 12:42 PM
There was a blimp above Snellville on that date. It is probably what the most recent UFO was. Not triangle shaped, but I would still bet that's what it was.
Crystal Huskey (Editor) October 25, 2012 at 01:58 PM
Interesting, that makes a lot of sense of Darla.


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