Bomb Threat Called in to Carmike Cinemas

Update: Snellville PD are on the scene. Multiple theaters are being searched.

Update 12:38 p.m.: No evidence of bomb found at Snellville's Carmike Cinemas.  

"This was a nonspecific threat to Carmike Cinemas," said Det. Trey Downs of Snellville Police.  "We checked everything out and everything is fine."

Update 12:05 p.m.:  The theater in Snellville is involved.  Snellville PD are on the scene. 

A bomb threat has been called in to multiple Carmike Cinemas, according to Lex18.com.  

It was called in this morning, claiming that multiple bombs have been planted in theaters across the country.

There is a in Snellville, but Snellville Patch has not received word whether it is one of the chains involved.  Will update as we get more information.   

Nonspecific threat for Carmike.  Everything is fine, everyone is gone.  

Antony Bordoli August 17, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I've gone to this theater lots of times and recently too. Is this just someone trying to copy-cat what happened in Colorado? This kind of stuff is really going to hurt the industry, especially if more copy-cats continue making threats that ALL have to be taken seriously since 911. Americans love going out to the movies. This form of terrorism is quite effective because it's certainly making me think twice about going to the Carmike (or any other theater) for two hours of fantasy. This could lead to the death of the movie theater and movies going directly to pay-per-view in the safety of your own home.


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