Former Snellville Resident and Current County Supervisor in Virginia Charged with Forcible Sodomy

Christopher Dumler has stepped down from his position on the Jail Authority Board in Albemarle County, Va., but refuses to step down from his position on the Board of Supervisors.

Updated March 1, 5:25 p.m.

Christopher Dumler, former Eagle Scout and Snellville native was charged with felony sodomy but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, sexual battery, in January. 

Despite his conviction, he has not stepped down from his position as supervisor of Albemarle County in Virginia, according to Daily Mail. 

Dumler graduated from Shiloh High in 2002 and went on to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology. He graduated with highest honors in 2006, earning degrees in chemical and biomolecular engineering, according to his campaign website. He then went on to the University of Virginia law school and has been dubbed a "rising star" in Democratic politics. 

He was charged with forcible sodomy, a felony offense, in October 2012. Had the felony charge stuck, he would have been forced to step down, but since a plea deal allowed him to plead guilty on the lesser charge of sexual battery, he is not required to. 

Residents of Abermarle County are none too pleased with that. Extra security has been added to scheduled meetings due to the outrage surrounding the situation. 

Two other women have stepped forward since the original charge, but those cases are not under investigation, as part of the plea deal. He will serve a year in jail starting on March 8, but has requested to serve his term only on the weekends in order to continue to serve the county. 

Despite pleading guilty to the lesser charge, Dumler maintains his innocence. He said the only way he'll resign is if he's voted out of office. In response, residents have created  petition that will be available on March 2 in Charlottesville and Scottsville, Virg., designed to get Dumler out of office. 

Concerned Snellville residents have emailed Snellville Patch to express their concern that there could be victims of Dumler's in Snellville. Contact Snellville Police if you have any information. 


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