Local Contractor Gene Gore Back in Jail

Following charges of ripping off a Snellville homeowner, Gene Gore is back in jail for contempt of court.

Gene Gore, 57, was arrested today for "failing to turn over a list of assets and other documents in a civil case brought by Melissa and Alen Delic," according to WSBRadio.com.

The Delics won a $175,000 judgment against Gore three years ago.

“We sued him over the $30,000 job that he took on and didn’t complete,” Melissa Delic previously told Patch. “We were awarded the $175,000 because we had to have plans and work redone. He got contractors in to do the work, we gave him progress payments, but he never paid the contractors. After we fired him, the contractors came and asked us for the money because they had never got it from him.”

Gore was arrested by Snellville Police in July on accusations doing it again.

"The victim paid Mr. Gore a little over $4000 for contract work to be done on a rental property," said Snellville's Sgt. Greg Perry. "The money was taken, but the work was never completed."

More victims came forward after Gore's July arrest, according to WSB. He is behind bars until he can produce the documentation specified in a court order.

Truth Betold January 26, 2013 at 08:31 PM
****STOP****That is certainly not the first time for that: See Naples News for Ripping off the bank. Obviously he scammed someone there to make a deposit of 999,999.99 of which he went on days of a spending spree until they caught up with him and put him in jail for that. * Not to mention, the too numerous to list construction scams and frauds in Naples, and St Petersburg.
Pseudonym February 16, 2013 at 01:54 AM
His brother, Gary Wes Gore stole money from me. He's currently doing business as Sack's Thrift Avenue in Atlanta. I have a pending lawsuit against him. Apparently it does run in the family.
Gene Gore April 20, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Aparrently Truth Betold does not have a real name; either way, the information you have provided to the public is highly erroneous and grossly inaccurate. Moreover, you have obviously jumped on the band wagon with your friends that obtained falty information from a close confidant of theirs who is a WELL KNOWN CHILKD MOLESTER. Moreover, had you known my father then you would know that he suffered from severe depression and Post Traumatic Sress Disorder and as a result he was extremely violent, and as such I was raised by my grandparents from the time I was twelve until my late teens.In addittion,your assertions about the bank are incorrect ,I mean come on, if I knew someone in the bank and they put almost 1 million in my account wouldn't they have arrested;moreover, if I had recieved that amount of money with the intent to steal it why would I stay in town.Also, there are many people right here in town that have met my children and grandchild and as such your assertions are false in that area as well. It is also important to note that I have been in the construction industry for thirty five years and at one time I employed 247 people and paid miilions in payrolls and materials and also recived numerous comendattions and accolades. Nonetheless, if you want to contact me just ask your friends for my number and I will be happy to discuss all of the errors in your post. Meanwhile, crawl back under your rock and Cease with the Libel and Slander.No Truth, in Truth Betold
Gene Gore April 20, 2013 at 02:31 PM
It is important to note that I have have never been convicted of any type of crime relating to violence or construction;in fact, the only time I was convicted of anything it was over- turned on appeal. As such, your allegations are once again untrue, and clearly meant to do harm to me and my family. In the meantime, use your real name, and bare in mind that I as well as others are inocent until proven guilty; moreover, you can rest assurred that I will diligently defend any legal action all the way to trial in need be. And, I can assure that as things progrees there will be a great deal of revelation about my accusers and your co-conspirators, as time will reveal that your constituants have problems that range from bigamy and drug addictions/dealing, to extortion and child molestation.Therefore, you as the ever so untruthfull, Truth Betold, should be very proud of the company you keep and all of your posts clearly represent the diabolical and slithering snake you are.For goodness sakes if you guys keep this up you are going to need a boulder to hind under. See Ya!
Mark Bove April 25, 2013 at 11:36 PM
To Mr.Gore's credit, he has paid me for most of the balance he owes. Most recently he has made contact again with me to resolve the remaining balance. I am happy to report that Mr. Gore has kept his word.


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