Elderly Woman Receives Nasty Note, Car Keyed

The 72-year-old victim has not had a very good week.

On Oct. 18, a 72-year-old female reported criminal damage to property (2nd degree, felony).

In the first of a series of unfortunate events, the victim was in a car accident in the parking lot of Eastside Medical Center. Due to the damage to the front passenger side bumper, the car was not drivable. With the approval of Eastside Medical Security Staff, she parked her vehicle in between two handicap spots.

When she returned to her vehicle on the 18th, someone had place a note on her car that read:

"What a selfish _______(profanity omitted) you are taking 2 parking spaces is something only a no good son-of-a-______(profanity omitted) would do. Check the key marks on the driver’s side- you earned them."

Officers observed two long key marks/scratches on the driver's side door.

If anyone has any information on this incident, call Snellville Police at (770) 985-3555.

Jean Rogers December 21, 2012 at 11:39 AM
Everywhere you go people are angry over the smallest thing. I,too, am elderly and experienced this. My fuel pump went out while leaving grocery and police pushed my car into fire lane curb while I was waiting for wrecker. No one asked if I needed help except for one kind lady. Others blew their horn at me and some gave me hand gestures. I was actually scared to sit in a public place alone. Please people, do not judge someone if you don't know the real story.


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