Grown Stepson Threatens to Break Stepfather's Neck

Inside the police reports: the suspect is charged with terroristic threats and acts.

On Sept. 9, officers responded to a complaint about threats made over the phone. The victim, 55, reported that his stepson, in his mid- to late-thirties, threatened to "break his neck" if he ever contacted his mother again.

The victim had previously held a conference call with his ex-wife that did not pan out in an agreement, according to police reports, and the victim believes she must have called her son, who is now angry with the victim.

The victim stated that his stepson has been unstable since the passing of his father. Six years ago, the stepson approached the victim at Stone Crest mall, pushed and verbally abused him. No report was made at the time.

The victim is afraid that, since the cellphone used to call the house has an Atlanta area number, the suspect is in the area and will carry out his threats.

The suspect is a black male of average build, approx 6'3, and was last seen driving a black SUV.


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