Armed Robbery at South Gwinnett High Leads to Arrest of Snellville Man

Daquan Amir Miller, of Snellville, was arrested on charges of entering auto, possessing a firearm on school property, aggravated assault and violation of probation.

A Snellville man is accused of going onto school property and breaking into a vehicle, stealing a gun and pointing that weapon at a student, according to police.

Daquan Amir Miller was arrested in early February on charges of entering auto, possessing a firearm on school property, aggravated assault and violation of probation.

According to Sgt. Trey Downs of the Snellville Police Department, the incident occurred at South Gwinnett High School. Downs said that Miller broke into a vehicle that belonged to an ROTC instructor and stole a firearm from it.

Walking on the sidewalk in front of the school, Miller approached a student who was leaving the school. He asked the student if he could use his cell phone, and the student said OK. Miller grabbed the phone, pretended to dial a phone number into it, and ran away, Downs said.

The student chased after him and caught up, but then Miller pulled out the gun and pointed it at him. The student ran off in the opposite direction.

Police searched for the suspect for several days and found Miller in an abandoned house Feb. 2.

Grace W. March 19, 2013 at 03:57 AM
Wow. I frequently shop near South Gwinnett, and I know students who attend there. I've heard that no email, letters, automated calls or anything informed the parents that this event occured. It's really scary to think that the families of South Gwinnett students and members of the community would have to learn about this type of incident through the press rather than some type of public service announcement. It's equally upsetting that Britt Elementary is across the street from South Gwinnett meaning that kindergarten students were at risk as well. Let's communicate and keep our kids and citizens safe.
Stank Bone May 04, 2013 at 02:24 AM
Why does the ROTC instructor at South Gwinnett High School have a firearm IN HIS VEHICLE while it is ON SCHOOL PROPERTY?? Last time I checked, this was against SCHOOL POLICY?! Students and teachers have been expelled for this in the past?!


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