News Nearby: $75,000 Worth of Guns Stolen During Big Gun Armory Burglary

Thieves smashed front door glass to gain access to the Dacula store.

DACULA, GA -- Just hours after a large shipment of weapons arrived at a local gun store, burglars struck the shop and stole numerous handguns, tactical rifles and shotguns.

According to business owner David Duncan, Big Gun Armory received two large deliveries on Friday afternoon. Duncan said the 65 guns were immediately placed on display since store inventory had been heavily depleted due to increased sales related to the election, the Connecticut shootings and holiday shopping.

Then, at 1:47 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 29, Duncan got a call from his alarm company -- the burglar alarm had been activated. Gwinnett County Police were also notified and arrived four minutes after getting the call, but it was too late.

“They cleaned my place out,” Duncan said.

According to Duncan, the burglar or burglars entered the store by smashing the front door glass, reaching through the bars and unlocking the door. Duncan explained that he initially had a keyed lock on the interior and exterior of the door, but was instructed by the fire marshal to switch the interior keyed lock to a twist lock for safety purposes. As a result, the burglar or burglars were able to access the interior of the store without damaging anything other than the glass.

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