Rampant Virus Locks Computer, Demands $200 Fine for Viewing Child Pornography

The FBI Moneypak Virus tries to scare computer users by saying they've violated federal law by viewing child pornography - locks up computer and demands $200 fine.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation cautions residents not to fall for an email- based scam that locks your computer and claims you owe the FBI $200.00.

The FBI moneypak virus is known to be the most popular cyber scam these days. This virus can install itself when users simply click on a compromised website. Once infected, the victim’s computer immediately locks, and the monitor displays a screen stating there has been a violation of federal law.

The message further declares the user’s IP address has been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as visiting websites that feature child pornography and other illegal content. The reason why it’s so terrifying is that it comes with the name FBI and looks very officials.

The message goes on to say in order to unlock their computers, users are required to pay a fine using a prepaid money card service.  If demands were not met, criminal charges would be filed and your computer would remain locked on that screen. 

With your computer locked you will not be able to access your desktop to run a scan of antivirus software. The average user will not be able to easily remove the virus. The FBI warns not to pay any money or purchase any prepaid money cards.  Professional assistance should be sought from a reputable computer repair service or virus protection software to rid the computer of the virsus.

For futher information, visit the FBI Internet Scams Website.


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