Snellville Glass Co. Reports Almost $3,500 Worth of Equipment Stolen

The theft was reported in early February.

Items from a worker truck at a Snellville business were reportedly taken earlier this month in a burglary, according to police reports.

The incident occurred at Snellville Glass Co., located off 3240 Industrial Way. The complainant told city police that on the morning of Feb. 4, someone cut off the chain from the "job box" in the bed of one of the company's truck and took it. The box's value alone is $400.

But the box had many tools inside, which valued at a whopping $3,000, he continued. A $75 ladder attached to the box also was taken.

The complainant said he had no idea who may have taken the items, but he mentioned that the tools inside the box were extremely heavy. The theft could have happened any time between 10 p.m. Feb. 3 to 7:45 a.m. that day.

On the same evening in nearby Lilburn, at least five work trucks were reportedly broken into at residential homes. Everything from drills to computers to tool carriers were reported taken in the entering autos.


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