Snellville Police Recognizes Top Officers

Four awards were given to different members of the city police department.

From the city of Snellville:

The Snellville Police Department recognized members of its force for actions taking place in 2013. 

Department members voted for 2013 SPD Officer of the Year, 2013 SPD Supervisor of the Year, 2013 SPD Civilian Employee of the Year and 2013 Reserve Officer of the Year. On Jan. 1, the announcement was made that the following employees were selected by their peers: 

-2013 SPD Officer of the Year was awarded to Officer Rain Nieddu. Nieddu is a member of the Special Operations Unit. During the year Nieddu arrested 179 individuals, wrote 329 incident reports, stopped 1068 cars and handled just under 2,000 calls for service. 

-2013 SPD Supervisor of the Year was awarded to Sgt. Will Collins. Collins is the Assistant Watch Commander for Night Shift B and is also a veteran K9 Officer. During the year, Collins arrested 48 individuals, wrote 112 incident reports, 102 K9 reports, stopped 364 vehicles and handled 1,257 calls for service.   

-2013 SPD Civilian Employee of the Year was awarded to Communications Officer Don Campagna, a veteran member of the 911 team. 

-2013 SPD Reserve Officer of the Year was awarded to Officer Terry Carpenter.  Carpenter assists the Criminal Investigations Division, and is responsible for clearing hundreds of cases in 2013. 

Kevin January 03, 2014 at 12:48 PM
For me, this is a yin and yang type of thing. I applaud the officers on their efforts, but... isn't it kind of like a quota, seeing how the awards appear to consider the amount of stops, arrests, etc.? Maybe that's why they are always at the Snellville speed trap across from QT on 78, getting people before they get slowed down going downhill where it changes to 45 mph.


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