Stacey Schoeck Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder of Husband

She is accused of hiring a hitman to kill Richard Schoeck, of Snellville, in 2010.

Stacey Schoeck pleaded guilty on Dec. 3 to murder malice with forethought in the 2010 murder of her husband, Richard, according to the Gainesville Times. 

She allegedly hired a hitman to murder Richard, 45, on Valentine's Day. 

District Attorney Lee Darragh said that she is the "engine that put this train in motion."

Richard Schoeck was shot to death on Feb. 14, 2010, at Belton Ridge Park in Gainesville, Ga. 

Last month, the hitman, Reginald Coleman, also pleaded guilty to malice murder and was sentenced to life without parole. A third person, who allegedly acted as the "go-between" for Coleman and Stacey Schoeck, was also sentenced to life without parole.

Stacey claimed during the trial that she believed her late husband had sexually molested his 14-year-old stepson, and that she had herself been sexually abused when she was young, contributing to her motive for murder. That allegation has not been proven.

Prosecutors argued that her motive was Richard Schoeck's $500,000 life insurance policy, as well as an extramarital affair, to which she confessed. 

According to the South Hall Gazette, Stacey Schoeck paid Coleman $10,000 to "ambush and kill Richard Schoeck who went to Belton Bridge Park near Lula at the request of his wife." 

Nicole Fillingim December 12, 2012 at 03:40 PM
The child who Stacey thought was being molested by Richard actually did admit that Richard never touched him inappropriately. The allegation against him was proven to be false.
Ashamed to Know Stacey January 06, 2013 at 05:29 PM
I am sorry to say I was once related to Stacey - it's is total crap that she says she was molested. All just lies. You did it Stacey - take responsibility for your actions. You stupid person.


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