Suspected Illegal Pain Clinic Raided by Federal Agents, Lilburn Police

Police arrest Dr. George Williams, a physician at Premier Medical on Lawrenceville Highway, in connection with a suspected pill mill.

Local and federal authorities raid a suspected pill mill in Lilburn, Ga., on January 24, 2013.
Local and federal authorities raid a suspected pill mill in Lilburn, Ga., on January 24, 2013.
(Editor's Note: This article was originally published January 25, 2013.)

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Jan. 28, 2:30 p.m.: Charges Announced for Four Arrested in Lilburn 'Pill Mill' Operation

Jan. 25, 6 p.m.: Police Chief: No. 1 Priority 'To Dismantle That Illegal Enterprise'


Law enforcement officials raided Thursday a Lilburn pain management clinic suspected of dispensing prescription medicine illegally, according to a Fox 5 Atlanta report.

In addition, the report showed that Dr. George Williams was arrested and is suspected of running the clinic as an illegal operation under the name of Premier Medical, located at 3993 Lawrenceville Highway. The location abuts Berkmar High School.

Federal agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, members of the Gwinnett Metro Narcotics Task Force and the Lilburn Police Department were part of the Jan. 24 raid. 

Patch first learned of the suspected pain clinic in August, when Lilburn City Council passed an ordinance making it tougher for so-called pill mills to operate within city limits.

Typically, these pill mills have been found to dispense illegal amounts of oxycodone or hydrocodone to dealers and drug addicts in exchange for cash payments.

-- Read more on Lilburn's efforts to set pain clinic standards here. --

Following the city council's action, an anonymous tipster forwarded information to Patch regarding concerns about Premier Medical. The tipster said many suspicious vehicles parked at the clinic, making the parking lot overflow at times. The person also complained to local and county police.

"Don't know what else to do," the Patch reader said. "We can't put up with places like that, and especially so near our schools."

"We do not want this in the community," the person also said.

When Patch visited the clinic last year, numerous vehicles with out-of-state tags and an armed guard where present. One patient asked if a Patch editor knew how to get back to Ohio.

Patch subsequently followed up with Lilburn Police officials, who said they were looking into it. Not until Thursday, were federal officials able to make an arrest in connection with the suspected pill mill.

Pill mills are increasingly becoming a problem in Georgia, as Florida's tough crackdown of the practice runs shady doctors, and business operators, across the border.

Georgia officials aren't exactly making it a tough choice.

According to a December Wall Street Journal report, Georgia has no law requiring pain clinics to be owned by medical professionals, no law empowering the state's medical board to punish crooked clinic operators and doctors and no database tracking the number of prescriptions each clinic writes.

That's why Lilburn's effort to pass strict requirements for pain management clinics became essential.

"They're spreading pure poison into the community, nothing short of that," Police Chief Bruce Hedley said previously about illegal pain clinics. "That's my opinion."

Among other things, the city's ordinance requires that pain clinics be run by a board-eligible physician with pain management fellowship training or certification, or a hospital-affiliated clinic managed by such a person.

A business found to be not in agreement with the city's rules faces suspension of its business license or revocation.

-- Do you think federal, state and local officials are doing enough to eliminate pill mills? Let us know in the comment section. --

Patch will follow up on this story as more information develops.

Michelle BURCH May 01, 2013 at 06:55 PM
Does anyone know how to get your records from Dr George Williams's office?
Norman Smith June 01, 2013 at 02:14 PM
Did you find out how to get your file from doctor william's office??
Willow Rose Sierra October 30, 2013 at 11:22 AM
I was also a patient of Dr. Williams. I went to see him from Kentucky because you can't get decent pain mgmt in this state. He not only took cash, but also took credit cards. I always had to drop so he could see that I was taking what he prescribed. I also saw him turn a young man away whose MRI obviously wasn't HIS MRI, and the man's money was refunded as well. The only mistake I can see is having the location of the clinic close to a school. Other than that, what can you find to really complain about? I believe that alcohol kills a whole lot more people than taking drugs and it's legal... People tend to overlook that fact while they sit back in their fancy chairs sipping a cool drink, complaining about those awful pill mills....
Allan Roberts December 09, 2013 at 06:14 PM
who is a good dr in ga to go to since they closed
Lee Henderson July 01, 2014 at 07:21 AM
I saw this Doctor twice and spent a fortune to do so out of my own pocket in money orders because the VA hospital here treated me like $#!+ and allowed me to suffer. The first time I want after some difficulty I was able to get the prescriptions filled after I had to go back and get the medications changed because of some shortage. The second time no pharmacy in the state it seemed would fill my legitimate prescriptions and they apparently had no pharmacists who were willing to cooperate with their clinic and patients. I never returned because there was no point in even going when nobody would honor my prescriptions. They did everything by the book, checked databases, background, tested for substances and had compulsory physical therapy. I am so sick of the DEA and police intimidating people and forcing legitimate pain patients to live in agony. There is ZERO reason that any medication can not be obtained in reasonable amounts my law abiding adult citizens the way it was before the Harrison Tax act and the rest of these unconstitutional laws that give the health care industry a monopoly and gave rise the the illegal drug industry. Enough of this B.S. war on drugs.


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