Stolen Parking Meter, A Stupid Shoplifter and Other Crimes in the Neighborhood

VaHi Safety Team Report: Crime blotter and notes from John Wolfinger.


The VaHi Safety Team Report, compiled by Virginia-Highland resident John Wolfinger, is intended to update residents on recent crimes. The information in the report is provided by the Atlanta Police department.

The following report was sent to residents via e-mail on Monday, Nov. 12.

Aggravated Assault  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601 But across PDL Avenue at the Clermont Lounge at 1:45 a.m., when a female patron knocked drinks from a pregnant waitresses' hands, the victim told patron she would have to pay for the drinks - the patron became irate and attacked, punching and kicking the waitress.  She was taken to Emory Midtown Hospital. No word as to her injuries.  

Auto Theft  -  A vehicle was stolen from the parking lot of a Virginia apartment building.

Auto Theft Recovery  -  No reported recoveries in Beat 601    

Commercial Burglary  -  Ten Thousand Villages store on St. Charles Avenue was entered via a pried-open front door - $100 in cash was stolen from under a counter.  

Residential Burglary  -  A Greenwood Avenue apartment was entered via forced entry of the front door.  A PDL Place apartment was entered via a pried-open front door.  

Commercial Robbery  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601  

Residential Robbery  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601  

Larceny From Vehicle  -  Vehicles were entered on Greenwood Avenue, North Highland Avenue (3), PDL Avenue (3), PDL Place, and Hudson Drive (2).  All around Zone 6 in this time period there were 78 such incidents reported.  Imagine how much more time our officers could have spent patrolling if they had not been tied up writing reports with these easily preventable incidents.  Remind your friends and neighbors of the Clean Car Campaign!!  

Larceny Other  -  A victim stated he loaned a cell phone to a fellow patron at a PDL Avenue club and it was never returned.  A bicycle was taken from a Brookridge Drive back porch.  The CVS store on North Highland Avenue caught a shoplifter in the act.   Nearby at Smith's Olde Bar on Piedmont Avenue in Zone 2 an iPhone was stolen and the responding officer used a search app and kept tracking the phone thru VaHi and Midtown streets - finally turning the chase over to GA State Patrol who eventually caught the perp on I-85 @ Beaver Ruin Road!!!  At the Walgreen's store on Piedmont Avenue @ North Avenue a "customer" entered not wearing sunglasses, but attempted to leave wearing a pair with the price tag still hanging from them and was caught - duh!  An entire PARKatlanta parking meter was dug up behind the Plaza shopping center in Poncey Highland.  A shoplifter was caught at Green's Liquors on PDL Avenue.  A South Carolina Craigslist camera seller drove down to the Grant Park CVS parking lot on Boulevard to meet a prospective "buyer" at 2:30 p.m.  The "buyer" snatched the camera and fled on foot.  A good warning about the folks you may encounter on Craigslist. Do not meet them alone in an unprotected venue. At the Abbadabba's shoe store in L5P, a group knocked on the locked door at closing time and were let in to shop - when they left, empty shoe boxes were found by employees instead of a purchase.  Consider this as a warning to our local merchants about accommodating after-hours "customers".  

Pedestrian Robbery  -  No reported incidents in Beat 601. But nearby, cell phones were snatched from pedestrians on North Avenue at 11:30 p.m. and on Ralph McGill Boulevard at 3:50 p.m.   Please remember the "See Something - Say Something" campaign.  If you witness something or someone that gives you the gut feeling that all is not right - make a 911 call report and possibly save someone else (or you) from becoming a victim.  Don't just assume that someone else will make a report to 911.  

Stay Alert and enjoy Fall!!


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