Weird Police News: Woman Sits on Child at Mall, Banned for a Year

More of what police officers around North Georgia were up against recently.

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Next time, use the front door: A Loganville woman reportedly fired warning gunshots into the air after a man mistakenly knocked on her back door. She told police she became concerned after hearing the knock and then the sound of the door knob being turned. She ran to the bedroom to get her piece and fired the shots when the man was backing out of the driveway. Later, the man told Walton County Sheriff’s deputies he was getting directions over the phone to a friend’s house in the neighborhood. He said the friend told him to come in the back door. He likely won't do that again.

Rumble at the mall: Two women have been banned for a year from the Mall of Georgia near Buford after security guards broke up a fight between them. The fight started after one of the woman sat on the other woman’s child (hopefully by mistake). A verbal exchange then turned physical. Neither woman suffered significant injury nor pressed charges against the other.

Is this a record, or something? Walton County Sheriff’s deputies couldn’t have been surprised with a recent driving under the influence arrest in Monroe. It was the third DUI in a week for the man charged — the arrests came on Feb. 2, 5 and 8.

Reading, writing and robbery? A Mill Creek High School student told police that a classmate robbed him outside a Rite Aid on Hamilton Mill Road in Buford. The teen said the classmate pulled out a knife after he refused to give up his cellphone. The classmate then grabbed the boy’s bag, which contained $10 worth of food. The teen was not injured and retained the phone.

The old “hide the laptop in the comforter” trick: A Cumming man was accused of trying to steal a laptop from an Alpharetta-area Walmart by hiding it in another item. . Nice try, but now he faces a felony shoplifting charge.

You’re still arrested: A Lawrenceville woman who was facing drug charges offered to help Gwinnett Police arrest the person who sold her the drugs. The woman, 20, told police she thought she had been sold LSD instead of MDMA (aka “ecstasy”). "I looked up the effects of LSD and I'm pretty sure that's what they are. I almost died," she reportedly told the officer. She told police she would be “delighted” to help arrest the dealer. Police told her she was under arrest on charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and a couple of traffic offenses. By the way, a field test showed the drugs to be MDMA after all.

Credit fraud times 31: A Milton woman told police her Visa card had been used fraudulently 31 times, resulting in nearly $3,000 in charges. The charges were apparently made in Florida, where she had been visiting during Thanksgiving.


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