A Word from Our Leaders

A number of council members speak out on the state of our city.

Snellville Patch: What was the best part about September in Snellville?

Bobby Howard: It is very difficult to narrow it down to just one with so many great things happening in our city, but I will give it a shot.

September marked many celebrations from the opening of artist David Babulski's exhibition of Mineral Art at Art on the Wall at City Hall, the Teacher of the Year Awards at South Gwinnett High School Honoring Mrs. Andie McDaniel, the 14th class of the Snellville Citizens Police Academy and the Kick-Off of High School football.  September also marked the start of the Relighting of the Veterans Memorial Flame by our Mayor Pro-Tem Tom Witts. (Tom, thank you for your service to our country as well as all other veterans.)

But, for me the highlight of September has to be the Aimee Copeland Homecoming. That Friday night in September was nothing short of wonderful for everyone who took the time to come out to meet her, and I know you saw a true fighter and a spirit of hope and determination. Our city and our community shined that Friday night. Welcome Home Aimee!!

October is ramping up to be more of the same. Snellville ... Where Great things are Happening!  Join us and be a part of the FUN!

Snellville Patch: How do you think Snellville will be effected by the hiring of Butch Sanders as City Manager?

Dave Emanuel: Based on his actions during his first month on the job, there's no doubt that Mr. Sanders is one of the best things to happen to Snellville in quite some time. When I ran for City Council, one of the goals I established was to improve the efficiency and responsiveness of city government, while reducing costs to taxpayers. It's clear from Mr. Sanders' approach that he shares that goal, so I'm obviously enthusiastic about his being hired.

Another important factor is the stability that a permanent City Manager brings to staff operations. With police chief Whitehead, we had a top notch interim City Manager, but the "interim" title told the staff that there were changes ahead. The appointment of a permanent manager removes a lot of uncertainty, and Mr. Sanders has improved staff morale even more by being accessible, meeting with city employees and getting to know them.

I particularly like his hands-on, get involved style. As an example, the Council had approved the purchase of a "Jet-Vac" truck to clean the city's 3,000+ storm water drains, so Mr. Sanders arranged for Council members to attend a demonstration of a similar truck. And as the equipment operators were breaking up and cleaning out the muck and crud that was clogging the drain, Mr. Sanders was up front, observing the operation and asking questions. The knowledge he gained by observing the equipment in operation will enable him to ask the right questions and better understand the answers when Snellville proceeds with negotiations for its own truck.

Mr. Sanders will bring that same approach to virtually aspect of city operation and that will have a strong, positive effect on the city.

Snellville Patch: What are you looking forward to in October?

Tom Witts: October got off to a big start last weekend with the International event at Briscoe Park. Congratulations to Aysha Cooper and Keisha Cameron for making us PROUD to be Somebody in Snellvillle.  

This month will be a busy one, it seems like I am speaking at a different meeting or club in the city every night.  The excitement about the new memorial and eternal flame is sweeping the City and everyplace I go people are stopping me and talking about it.  Brick sales are moving along briskly, anyone  wanting to honor their veteran with a  spot on the wall is urged not to wait.  The wall space is limited. 

The council this month will be deciding on the new Racetrack Neighborhood Market on Hwy 124 among other things. Let your Council know your feelings about your City and the decisions being made that are germane to Snellville's future. I hope to see all of you at the 3rd annual Fall Festival at the Town Center on October 20th.  Kelly McAloon and the amazing volunteers at Snellville Tourism and Trade promise fun, games and surprises.  If you were there last year you know that this is one of the premiere events of the season.  Don't miss it.

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