Gwinnett Transit Upgrades Affect Lilburn

Gwinnett County Transit announced changes to routes that will specifically impact the Lilburn and Norcross areas, among others.

Gwinnett County Transit is implementing a number of upgrades, which includes routes that will better serve the Lilburn area, according to transit officials. 

The enhancements to the Express and Local Service includes linking bus routes, adding stops and extending service times to better meet commuter needs. According to Gwinnett County officials, there will no additionally operating costs to shoulder the changes.

In general, the changes will create better aligned bus departure times with current passenger demand. The change will begin Jan. 28.

Specifically, in the Lilburn area: Route 30 will restore bus stops along segments served prior to 2010 and extend service to Lawrenceville Highway and Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

In nearby Norcross: Local Routes 20 and 35 will now have additional stops and extend to the MARTA Doraville Station, eliminating transfers and wait times along Buford Highway.

"These service enhancements will eliminate some transfers and long wait times as well as add stops within walking distances of more workplaces," said Gwinnett Transit Director Phil Boyd. "Our hope is that these changes meet the demand of our riders and encourage others to ride knowing that Gwinnett County Transit is easy, convenient and reliable."

New schedules are available online at www.gctransit.com.

CT January 26, 2013 at 03:08 PM
The fact that we won't bring it to the Gwinnett area. That is what I meant. I just want my daughter to be safe and before she was and now I have a fear of letting her out the door alone again. Yes, I moved from Clayton County. I was at a local grocery store one day and when I saw something on my window I took it off and ripped it up. Well, the man that was putting them on there came up to me and asked why I ripped it up and he threw another one at me. What is that? Where are they coming from? Keep Marta where it is and well if at all possible keep the Gwinnett bus line in the areas that is was scheduled for. Sorry that is just my opinion.
JE January 28, 2013 at 05:49 AM
I think all of you people are dumb and stupid to think that someone is going to ride the bus ALL THE WAY TO GWINNETT COUNTY to rob, steal & kill. Last time I checked people and businesses still get robbed in your precious citizen raping government of Gwinnett county. Grow up & wake up and smell the toast burning!
CT January 28, 2013 at 08:06 PM
First of all I am not oblivious to what goes on here in Gwinnett County. However, where I live there has been no trouble up until about a year ago. And, grow up, well, that would have to be you! Because what is meant by criminal behavior is people getting robbed at bus stops, people who actually choose to ride the bus for environmental reasons, people who are living on retirement and social security who cannot get around themselves with their own vehicles anymore. You have the people who get on look at a purse and say that is going to be mine by the time I get off of here. The ones that say I am going to follow them home and decifer whether they have enough for me to even worry about following them. The ones that (and you can see this on You tube) that choose to take the bus to beat up someone they don't like because they don't like their own life. Take your pick on which one will happen. It happens everyday and yes, it is good for some people because they have chosen to live their lives the right way yes,maybe had too many children but, insist on paying for their lives themselves. They are few and far between today but they are around and they are to be commended. I believe you seem to think I live in the Precious County of Gwinnett and have not seen all of this well, I have! I am from Clayton County! So, I have seen it all first hand. You have children you do what is best for them and you move to a community that cares about their community. And I did!
treyes January 29, 2013 at 04:42 PM
Do you mean blacks and Hispanics? Let's just call a spade a spade. Are you so blinded that you think a sub par public transportion will keep your princess safe? You may as well home school because rumor has it that the plantation will soon be closed.
CT February 01, 2013 at 12:06 PM
I really think you need to mature. You use wonderful words however, spade a spade, a criminal is a criminal... Black, white, hispanic, Asian, or other! I don't care what color or ethnicity you are. And, my princess she is safe because she is under my thumb. Trust me! I have many ethnicities in my family so I am very diverse in any and everything I do and how I live. Thank you very much and I am so sorry you couldn't put someone down for that reason. But, you are going to have to look at someone else.


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