City Council Meeting Notes: July 23, 2012

With a very full agenda and lots of citizen input, Snellville's City Council got a lot accomplished and a few things postponed for further review. Here's a brief round-up of the evening.

In ceremonial matters, Gwinnett County's Disabled American Veterans Chapter 90 led the Pledge to the flag and were presented with a Proclamation from Mayor Kautz and the Council recognizing their service as veterans as well as their service to other disabled veterans.

Mr. Tom Ewing gave a presentation about history of education and schools in Snellville. The original one room structure that was very close to where the KMart parking lot is today gave way to a private school built by Professor Oscar Brown (The Academy) which was built on what is now the campus of Snellville UMC in 1883. The more "modern school" was built in 1891 near the far end of where the Baptist Church is today.

  • Committee reports were given by Jim Brooks with the Evermore CID, Marcy Pharris of the Board of Appeals, and Kelly McAloon reported on the busy month and activities of the Snellville Tourism and Trade Association.
  • The Consent Agenda was approved in whole as written and discussed in the work session.
  • Tom Witts gave a presentation on the National Citizens Survey Result showing the progress noted by citizen input from 2010 to 2012.
  • The 2nd Reading of the Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Amendment was postponed per a motion by Councilman Emanuel, who stated that there were numerous amendments that needed to be reviewed to make sure all is in order. (4-2)
  • 2nd Reading of CUP 12-03, a Conditional Use Permit for a Community Living Arrangement on a property zoned RS-180 (single family residence) was unanimously denied (Mayor Pro Tem Witts recused himself as the CUP was for property in his subdivision). While the Planning Commission recommended approval, several residents in the neighborhood spoke against the permit citing concerns of property value, the type of patients in the facility, and access for emergency services. (5-0)
  • Contract for Blue Springs Youth Soccer program at Briscoe Park was approved for another year. (6-0)
  • Resolution to create the City of Snellville Public Arts Commission was postponed per motion from Councilman Emanuel (4-2) 
  • Mayor's Nomination of Hank Reid for Board of Appeals did not receive a second, so the nomination failed.
  • Mayor's Nomination of Dexter Harrison for Planning Commission received a 3-3 vote and so therefore failed.

During Council Reports, Bobby Howard spoke about the progress of Aimee Copeland; Dave Emanuel thanked the many volunteers who have been part of the events in Snellville; Diane Krause gave heartfelt thoughts concerning the recent personal insults made; Mike Sabbagh advised those in attendance to be safe in the summer heat; Mayor Kautz challenged the council to find neutral knowledgeable candidates for board positions.

During Public Comments before the council went out for executive session, Gretchen Schultz gave a brief update on the Farmers' Market entertainment; Marilyn Swinney was called "out of order" by Mayor Kautz when discussing the video of the last session. Swinney then called for leadership improvement; Kurt Schultz advised everyone to vote for the Farmers' Market online and Mrs. Graham made another eloquent plea for the council to work together.

Brenda Lee July 25, 2012 at 01:27 AM
I must have missed something. Isn't Kautz the one making all the biased appointments? "Mayor Kautz challenged the council to find neutral knowledgeable candidates for board positions."
Gail Lane July 25, 2012 at 04:33 AM
Brenda, I believe that bias is one of those subjective concepts. Nevertheless, she did make the statement as she was giving her Mayor's report.


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