Contra Costa County Cities Voted For President Obama By A Wide Margin

Martinez was one of the cities that provided solid support for the president's re-election bid on the Nov. 6 ballot

The presidential contest was decisive in Contra Costa County, according to final figures released today by the County Registrar of voters.

President Barack Obama defeated Republican challenger Mitt Romney in every incorporated city.

In total, 442,143 Contra Costa voters cast ballots for president. Of those, 290,824 voted for Obama and 136,517 voted for Romney.

In 2008, Obama received the same strong support  in Contra Costa County. The president received 260,238 votes to Republican nominee John McCain's 111,742.

This year, in some cities (Danville and Clayton), Obama had what could only be described as a narrow victory.  In others (Richmond and Martinez), the president fairly well trounced his opponent.

As expected, Obama did well in blue collar cities like Martinez (home to Democratic powerhouse George Miller), where he received 11,641 to Romney’s 5,527, with an 80 percent turnout.

In 2008, Obama received 12,921 votes in Martinez compared to 5,625 for McCain.

This year, in Walnut Creek, the outcome was also decisive. Of the 36,755 votes cast (an 84 percent turnout, by the way), Obama received 22,918 votes to Romney’s 12,718.

In Danville, with a total of 20,422 votes cast, 11,870 were for Obama and 11,521 were for Romney.

Obama did slightly better in San Ramon, where 81 percent of registered voters there chose Obama 17,410 to Romney’s 11,028.

It was also close in Clayton – Obama won with 3,210 votes, to Romney’s 3,020

The president also did well in upper-income cities like Orinda, where he won 7,158 to 3,958 as 86 percent of registered Orindans cast their ballots in this past election.

In the town of Moraga, Obama beat Romney 5,244 to 3,487, with an 85 percent turnout.

Eighty-six percent of Lafayette voters went to the polls and cast 9,001 votes for Obama to 5,174 votes for Romney.

In Concord, which had a 78 percent turnout, Obama won with 30,475 to Romney’s 14,621.

In Pleasant Hill, Obama beat Romney by more than 50 percent, garnering 10,746 votes to Romney’s 4,868.

The 85 percent of El Cerrito voters chose Obama by a 90 percent margin – 10,496 to 1,391.

In Hercules, 77 percent of the voters chose Obama 7,929 to 1,901.

In Pinole, 6,027 votes were cast for Obama, 1,935 for Romney with 79 percent casting votes.

In East County, Antioch (24,105 to 9,262), Brentwood (11,415 to 9,232), Oakley (7,195 to 4,381) and Pittsburg (15,681 to 3,598) all went for Obama, as did Richmond (22,912 to 3,025) and San Pablo (5,365 to 623) in West County.

In unincorporated areas of the county, a total of 43,026 voted for Obama and 25,247 voted for Romney.

All the other presidential candidates on the ballot received less than 4,000 votes each.

UPDATE: Here's the breakdown city-by-city along with a comparison of the 2008 vote for Obama with the 2012 vote.

2008 2012

Obama vote change

Obama McCain Obama Romney Antioch 68.5% 29.3% 70.5% 27.1% 2.0% Brentwood 56.7% 41.3% 53.9% 43.6% -2.8% Clayton 54.8% 43.3% 50.4% 47.4% -4.4% Concord 66.2% 31.4% 65.4% 31.4% -0.8% Danville 55.0% 43.4% 49.7% 48.3% -5.2% El Cerrito 84.9% 12.5% 85.0% 11.3% 0.1% Hercules 77.1% 21.5% 79.1% 19.0% 2.0% Lafayette 67.2% 30.5% 61.8% 35.5% -5.4% Martinez 67.7% 29.5% 65.5% 31.1% -2.3% Moraga 62.7% 35.1% 58.5% 38.9% -4.2% Oakley 60.8% 36.8% 60.1% 36.6% -0.7% Orinda 67.2% 30.7% 62.6% 34.6% -4.6% Pinole 71.9% 25.9% 73.7% 23.7% 1.8% Pittsburg 77.1% 21.0% 79.7% 18.3% 2.5% Pleasant Hill 69.1% 28.2% 66.3% 30.0% -2.8% Richmond 87.7% 10.5% 88.5% 9.0% 0.8% San Pablo 85.8% 12.2% 87.7% 10.2% 1.9% San Ramon 62.0% 36.1% 59.9% 37.9% -2.1% Walnut Creek 65.1% 32.7% 62.8% 34.8% -2.3% COUNTY 67.7% 30.1% 66.2% 31.1% -1.5%
Robinson Crusoe December 04, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Can we please remove Jed's racist comment? I dislike Obama just as much anyone but do we need ignorant comments like that? Comments like that do not make others feel worse about themselves, but they do portray your lack of understanding of the world we live in quite well. Its sad we live in a place with people who think like that.nOn that note it's sad that so man people don't understand that a vote for ether is a vote for the banks and continued war. Both are liars and shills. It's poly-ticks at it's finest.
David Mills December 04, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Robinson... thank you for your comment. The comment you mentioned has been removed. A reminder to everyone to please make your points without name calling or using racist or slanderous language.
morning glory December 04, 2012 at 10:08 PM
who cares?
morning glory December 04, 2012 at 10:12 PM
let me comment further - why is this news? who cares? but man I wish I could move to clayton.
Jed December 04, 2012 at 11:29 PM
Thanks for the censorship. Obviously freedom of speech is dead on The Patch if it doesn't happen to agree with one or more "readers".... Strike another blow to Liberty and support those who wish to kill America. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! I FOUGHT (in real war) as did a GREAT NUMBER OF AMERICAN VETERANS so that we ALL COULD HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH - even if someone else happens to disagree with it --- SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO WOULD SUBVERT THIS RIGHT! You are fitting right into the hands of those who have hijacked our country. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME! (too bad "BOLD" doesn't work on this cheap site). SHAME ON YOU!!


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